'GH' Spoilers: Patient 6 Escapes, Returns To Port Charles, Jason Wants To Start A New Life Without Sonny

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of October 2 tease that Ava (Maura West) finds herself in trouble after she tries to help Patient 6 (Steve Burton) escape from the clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ava In Trouble, Griffin To The Rescue

Doctor Klein comes down hard on Ava. He could refuse to carry out the surgery to restore her face. He could also detains her at the clinic. This means that Ava's life could be in danger.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Griffin (Matt Cohen) comes to Ava's rescue. Griffin has been trying to obtain information about Ava from Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He finally achieves a breakthrough in his search for information and makes a move to rescue Ava.

Patient 6 Escapes

Meanwhile, Patient 6 makes good his escape from the clinic. However, after he escapes from the clinic, he finds himself stranded in faraway Russia without money. He needs help. As he roams the streets, he meets a stranger who offers help. Although he fears the stranger could have ulterior motives, he has no choice but to accept the offer of assistance.

Fans will find out in upcoming episodes whether the stranger is a friend or someone seeking to take advantage of the stranded foreign national.

Patient 6 Returns To Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers state that Patient 6 eventually makes it back to Port Charles. He makes a phone call to Port Charles. He does not call Sonny (Maurice Benard) but another resident of Port Charles.

It isn't yet certain who he calls, but GH buzz indicates that it could be Sam (Kelly Monaco). General Hospital spoilers for October 4, however, indicate that Valentin receives a puzzling phone call.

A decision by Patient 6 to call Valentin raises questions. It could mean that they are allies and not enemies as many fans have speculated. However, some fans point out it could be the clinic management that calls Valentin after Patient 6 escapes.

Franco Tries To Recover His Painting

Meanwhile, Franco (Roger Howarth) discovers the identity of the anonymous person who bought his favorite painting. He has no intention of selling the painting, but it was unintentionally sold. Franco wants the painting back. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) helps Franco to recover the painting.

Jason Wakes Up From Coma

General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz talks to Monica (Leslie Charleson) about Jason's (Billy Miller) condition. Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Monica also discuss Jason's (Billy Miller) recent improvement after recovering from coma.

Jason Wants To Start A New Life Without Sonny

Jason's improvement bring joy to his friends and members of his family. Sonny (Maurice Benard) visits him at the facility. However, Jason tells Sonny that he plans to avoid close association with him because he wants to avoid mob entanglements in the future. Jason says he does not want to take anymore risks or expose his family to danger as a result of his association with Sonny.

Sonny will likely understand Jason's decision.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the longtime friendship between JaSam (Jason/Sam) and CarSon (Carly/ Sonny) suffers a setback when Jason decides to start a new life without Sonny's influence. Jason is convinced that Sonny's mob connections expose his family to danger and that he would have to avoid close connections with Sonny to build a secure and safe family life.

Fans will realize that Jason's close brush with death fulfills Sam's subconsciously held fears that Sonny's mob links imperil her family. The fears surfaced when she suffered from psychosis induced by toxoplasmosis infection. Her delusional convictions when she suffered from toxoplasmosis-induced psychosis caused her to shoot Sonny and dump him in a pit at a construction site

Burton's Character Returns As Sonny's Right-Hand Man

The return of Burton's character (Patient 6) to Port Charles after escaping from the clinic in Russia would likely lead to his return to his old role as Sonny's right-hand man. It is likely that "Stone Cold" will help Sonny exact revenge on his mob enemies. With Stone Cold's help, Sonny could eventually implement his aborted retirement plan. He could finally settle his mob affairs, quit mob life and go into retirement as he originally plan.

Sharon Confronts Nelle

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) tries to dismiss Sharon Grant (Zachary Grant's sister) when she shows up at her door, but Sharon insists on having the conversation. She warns Nelle that she can't get away with what she did to Zachary Grant and that she won't let her hurt Michael also.

Nelle insists that she was not responsible for Zack's death and that it was only an accident. However, Sharon is determined to prove that Nelle is guilty.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 28, reveal that after talking to Sharon, Carly (Laura Wright) renews her effort to convince Michael (Chad Duell) that he is in danger. Carly is worried when she learns that Michael is not attending Bobbie's (Jacklyn Zeman) party. She fears that Nelle is already working on isolating Michael from his family. She is concerned that this makes Michael vulnerable.

Carly is right that Michael is trying to avoid other members of the family. Michael is avoiding his family because he is sick and tired of the constant negativity about Nelle. He is angry that Carly presumes that she can interfere in his personal life.

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