Poll: Donald Trump Seen As Unfit To Be President, Not Honest Among Voters

A majority of American voters view President Donald Trump as not "fit to serve" in the White House, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Researchers found 56 percent of respondents agree the still newly enacted Trump is not a suitable fit for the Oval Office, compared to just 42 percent of respondents who have confidence in his abilities to serve as the country's leader.

The survey also found that opinions of Trump are largely splintered along partisan lines, with 94 percent of Democrats agreeing he is unfit, versus 84 percent of Republicans who still have confidence in him.

In addition, 63 percent of all female respondents agreed that Trump is unfit, compared to 43 of male respondents.

Overall, 57 percent of respondents "disapprove of the way Trump is handling his responsibilities as commander in chief, compared to just 36 percent who approve.

Trump also garners low marks on several personal fronts, with the majority of respondents agreeing he is "not honest," and that "he is not level-headed."

Support for Trump also appears largely centered on race, with 50 percent of all white voters viewing him as fit for office, compared to just six percent of blacks and 40 percent of Hispanic voters.

Overall, more than three in five voters, or 62 percent, disapprove of the way Trump is handling race relations in the country, with even white voters agreeing of that assessment at a clip of 55 percent.

Trump's incessant use of Twitter also remains an issue for many voters, with 69 percent of all respondents agreeing they want the president to cease tweeting from his personal Twitter account.

Donald Trump's poll numbers remain in the toilet. [Image by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images]

On the issues of foreign policy, immigration and health care, Trump also fared poorly, garnering just an average of less than 35 percent support.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post survey also found that nearly two in every three Americans now see Trump as doing more to divide the country than bring it together.

In all, 66 percent of all respondents agreed they see Trump as being more of a divider than anything else. By comparison, just 28 percent of respondents indicated they think Trump has done more to bring the country together.

Overall, researchers found the president's approval remains largely under water, with 57 percent of respondents saying they disapprove of the job he is doing, compared to just 39 percent that approve.

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