'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Will Is Alive – Marlena Questions Mad Ben Weston To Learn The Truth

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that when Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) crashes "PaulSon" (Paul/Sonny) and "Chabby" (Abigail/Chad) double wedding, he gives a hint that Will Horton (Chandler Massey) is still alive. However, it is understandable that nobody at first believes the suggestion coming from a homicidal maniac who has been locked up in an insane asylum for years.

Ben Escapes From Bayview, Crashes PaulSon/Chabby Wedding

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Ben's unbelievable claim triggers a series of events that lead to Will's return to Salem.

DOOL spoilers for Thursday, September 28, reveal that Ben escapes from Bayview sanatorium. Spoilers for Monday, October 2, reveal that he crashes the wedding and creates chaos. However, the fear and dread that Ben's appearance instills in the minds of residents of Salem who have painful memories of past encounters with him quickly gives way to rage as former victims, friends and families confront the infamous "Necktie Killer."

Abby (Marci Miller) who went through a terrifying ordeal when Ben kidnapped and tortured her confronts him fearlessly. JJ (Casey Moss) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) also face Ben. During the encounter, JJ becomes enraged when Ben shows no remorse over the death of his love, Paige (True O'Brien). DOOL spoilers hint that JJ attacks Ben.

Ben Drops A Hint That Will Is Alive

Ben, however, appears to drop a hint that Will is alive.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that when Ben gives the clue about Will, Sonny (Freddie Smith) decides there is need to look into it no matter how crazy it sounds. Sonny can't shake off the feeling that Ben might have told the truth. He is convinced that there is an urgent need to get more information from Ben.

However, when Sonny talks to Ben he is evasive. He teases Sonny and refuses to divulge any more useful details.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of October 2 tease that Sonny begins to despair when he is unable to convince Ben to talk. He also begins to wonder whether he was mistaken when he decided that Ben could be telling the truth. For all he knows, Ben's psychotic mind might have dreamed up the delusional idea that Will is alive and living somewhere. But even in the midst of his doubts Sonny continues to feel that Will could be alive.

Marlena Questions Ben, Will Is Indeed Alive

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers state that Will is alive and that he will return to Salem. Paul (Christopher Sean) suggests that Marlena (Deidre Hall) could use her skills as an expert psychiatrist to talk to Ben and persuade him to reveal all that he knows about what happened to Will and where he is.

Spoilers for Friday, October 6 tease that Marlena is anxious to learn whether Ben has any new information about her grandson, Will, who is believed to be dead.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Marlena agrees to question Ben. The encounter between the psychiatrist and Ben proves to be witty and explosive. For Marlena, the encounter brings back terrifying memories of her close brush with death when Ben, "The Necktie Killer," attempted to murder her. Marlena barely escaped with her life.

Ben will attempt to deploy his mind game skills against Marlena, but it is likely that she will be able to obtain at least a few vital clues.

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