Donald Trump Besieged By Protesters, Sneaks In Through Back Door

Ahead of a Donald Trump speech today, hundreds of protesters have gathered outside of a hotel where Trump will address the California Republican Convention. Police in riot gear have surrounded the hotel, barricading the entrances and pushing anti-Trump protesters back toward the street.

According to CBS News, the anti-Trump protesters organized on Facebook late last night, with over 10,000 people replying that they were interested in attending or would attend the protest of Donald Trump's appearance at the California Republican Convention. Earlier, anti-Trump protesters filled the street leading up to the hotel hosting the California Republican Convention, linking arms in hopes of blocking Donald Trump from entering the venue.

Riot police on the scene have maintained a secure line against the anti-Trump protesters, leading to a tense standoff between the two groups. Just last night at another Donald Trump rally, violent protests broke out, resulting in injuries and physical clashes with police, as the Inquisitr reported earlier.

Donald Trump's plane touched down in the San Francisco bay area earlier today ahead of his appearance at the California Republican Convention. Just moments ago, the Donald Trump motorcade pulled off to the side of the freeway and, surrounded by Secret Service agents, Trump and his entourage walked on foot across a grassy meridian and into the back of the hotel.

It was an unprecedented move for Trump, who is typically chauffeured through crowds of protesters. But today, Trump and his security detail opted for a more subtle entrance into the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, California, where he will address the California Republican Convention shortly. Protesters outside the hotel were not immediately aware that Trump had secretly entered the venue – by walking on foot from the highway right into the hotel's back entrance as anti-Trump protesters mobbed the front entrances to the hotel.

Today's protests come just after anti-Trump protests turned violent outside of a Trump rally last night, where protesters were seen with bloodied faces after physical altercations with police. Anti-Trump protesters even attacked a police car, smashing in the windows, outside of the Donald Trump rally. According to the Los Angeles Times, about 17 protesters were arrested outside the Trump rally last night.

The protests today, which Donald Trump has evaded by entering through the back entrance to the hotel, are just another in a long line of massive anti-Trump protests outside of speaking venues where the Republican candidate has been scheduled to appear. Early this year, anti-Trump protests in Chicago notoriously turned violent as protesters went so far as to infiltrate the Trump rally leading the Republican candidate to cancel the event altogether over safety concerns.

Violence and Trump rallies have been unfortunate bedfellows during this campaign cycle. Trump supporters blame the protesters themselves for the violence while protesters blame the candidate for his remarks which have been interpreted to suggest that Trump supports violent behavior on the behalf of his supporters, reports the New York Daily News.

Trump opponents are quick to point out that the candidate himself has stated on numerous occasions that protesters should be treated "roughly," even going so far as to offer to pay legal fees, on one occasion, if a Trump supporter would physically assault anyone getting ready to throw a tomato at the Republican candidate. While Trump supporters allege that the violent protests are the result of the protesters themselves taking things too far.

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the California Republican Convention today ahead of the California Republican primary on June 7. The California Republican primary is the last primary to vote in the Republican race, and it could play a critical role in determining who will win the Republican presidential nomination or whether any candidate will win the nomination ahead of a contested convention this summer.

[Photo by AP Photo/Chris Carlson]