Kevin Hart: Eniko Keeping Tabs On Him After Alleged Affair, Paranoid He'll Cheat Again Amid Pregnancy

Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko, has very little trust in her husband right now, it's been alleged.

The model was stunned upon learning of Kevin Hart's alleged affair with another woman he reportedly slept with at a hotel in Las Vegas.

Video footage would later seemingly confirm that Kevin had cheated, but what seemed rather interested to fans was that there appeared to be more than one female in the room while Hart was allegedly performing sexual acts on the mistress.

Whatever the case may be, the cheating scandal caused quite the heartbreak in Kevin Hart's household, with insiders stressing that it's been quite the challenge for Eniko to look into her husband's eyes and forgive him for his actions, Hollywood Life reports.

While it's said that Eniko has more or less welcomed Kevin Hart back with open arms, she has severe trust issues and is paranoid about their future together.

Kevin Hart is gearing up for a huge promotional campaign later this year for two movies he's starring in, and since Eniko is heavily pregnant with their baby, she won't be able to accompany her man on the road.

This is making her feel very uneasy because she doesn't want to find herself in the same situation again as last month when it was claimed Kevin Hart had bedded multiple women while on a trip to Las Vegas.

At the same time, Eniko can't babysit her husband and needs to have faith in him if he truly meant it when he said he will change his ways.

Of course, actions speak louder than words, and though the 33-year-old has forgiven her man for his actions, she can't help but wonder whether allowing Kevin Hart to get back on the road by himself is a wise decision.

But she has no other option. Since she'll be gearing up to birth their child, there's no way she will be able to fly around the world and keep tabs on her man.

What she is capable of doing, however, is call him at every given moment of the day. Sources say that Eniko plans to keep in consistent contact with her husband as soon as he leaves her sight.

If this is what it takes to save Kevin Hart's marriage, he will gladly take part in it.

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