Wendy Williams Demands Husband, Kevin Hunter, Cut Ties With Alleged Mistress: Rules Out Divorce Plans

Wendy Williams has ruled out the chances of a potential divorce following reports that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been leading a double life.

According to Daily Mail, Wendy Williams’ husband of 20 years has been seeing a massage therapist by the name of Sharina.

Sources for the news outlet allege that the affair has been going on for well over 10 years, adding that Kevin has even purchased a home for his other woman, which cost him close to $1 million.

As seen on her talk-show earlier this week, Wendy Williams has strongly denied claims that her husband has been cheating on her, insisting that she’s happily married and that fans shouldn’t believe what they read in the papers.

With that said, while Wendy Williams is said to be sticking by her man, Hollywood Life reveals that the 53-year-old made it known to her husband to cut immediate ties with Sharon, stressing that their close friendship is beginning to look like they are more than pals.

An insider for Hollywood Life lets it be known that Wendy Williams is very much in denial about the affair and doesn’t want to believe it.

In her mind, they are just friends but she does consider them to be far too close with one another, and now that reports are claiming that they’ve been hooking up, Wendy Williams wants her husband to stay away from Sharon.

Regardless of whether Wendy Williams had known about the alleged affair or not, she knows that such a scandalous story can have quite the effect on her reputation given that she’s notoriously known for trashing other people’s marriages.

While Wendy Williams likes to dish the dirt on others, she doesn’t necessarily like seeing it happen to herself, which is why the talk show host has made it clear that she wants Sharon gone from her husband’s life for good.

No word on whether Kevin Hunter is cooperating with Wendy’s wishes. After all, they’ve supposedly been close friends for a very long time.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]