'Criminal Minds' EP Weighs In On Introducing Another Supervillain, Season 13 Premiere Reveals Hotch's Fate

Criminal Minds Season 13 premiere was one action-packed episode. Picking up from the Season 12 finale, the premiere episode of Criminal Minds Season 13 dealt with the aftermath of the car crash. Agent Stephen Walker died in the crash, while JJ, Tara, and Rossi were taken to the hospital for injuries. Prentiss was nowhere to be found since Scratch dragged her away from the rest of the group.

In the Season 13 premiere of Criminal Minds, Scratch used a hallucinogen to torture information out of Prentiss. Scratch wanted to know Aaron Hotchner's whereabouts, and he was intent on using any method to make Prentiss talk. Prentiss realized she was hallucinating, and she planned her escape. Meanwhile, the rest of the team figured out Scratch's location, and they arrived as Prentiss made her way out.

During the altercation, Scratch fell off the fire escape and died. After the rescue mission, the scene focused on Walker's funeral. His widow absolved Prentiss of any guilty feelings. She insisted Peter Lewis was to blame for everything. Back at the BAU, Prentiss had some news for the rest of the team.

The Criminal Minds Season 13 premiere also touched on Hotch's fate. Due to Scratch's death, Hotch and his son will no longer be part of the WITSEC. Although his archenemy has been dealt with, Prentiss will relay Hotch's decision to focus on being a full-time dad rather than rejoining the team. To give the team enough time to recover from the recent happenings, everyone will have a six-week vacation.

Criminal Minds executive producer Erica Messer provided some insight on what the season premiere meant for the show. For the longest time, Scratch was the ultimate villain in Criminal Minds, and he was evil enough to push Hotch to undergo the witness protection program with his son. Given how devious Scratch became, Messer explained it would be "unforgivable if the team didn't catch him." If Scratch escaped, the team would have to watch their backs all the time. Even if he is in prison, he might find a way to get out and cause problems.

As for the next villain which will take over Scratch's place in Criminal Minds, Messer revealed they have no plans to introduce a new big bad. She explained they had to refocus since Scratch has been a major character on Criminal Minds. She added it would be tricky to conjure a new villain. They plan on taking their time, and there are no immediate plans at the moment.

As for the second episode of Criminal Minds Season 13, the team will be back to solving regular cases. The next episode will take place several weeks after the car accident, giving the team enough time to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. Based on prior spoilers, Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 2 will involve three bodies stashed in old suitcases.

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