September 27, 2017
'BB19' Jessica And Cody Send Message To Fans About 'New Adventure' As They Embrace In Airport Photo

One of the most popular showmances to develop and blossom in the Big Brother 19 house continues to flourish outside the BB19 domain in the real world. On Wednesday, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, also known as "Jody," posted an emotional message on Instagram to inform fans of a new venture they'd be taking part in.

The Instagram image that accompanies the message appears to have been taken in an airport, as both Jessica and Cody are dressed in black and she is sporting a large backpack behind her. In addition, scores of people holding bags can be seen standing in a line behind the embracing Big Brother 19 couple.

Jessica and Cody begin the Instagram note by writing, "It's official!" The message continues by stating the couple is "off on a new adventure!"

The duo then apologizes for leaving their hoards of fans in the lurch, but state "it's for a good reason!" Apparently, Jessica has known about a major development in the couples' life for a couple of weeks, but was forced to keep it a secret, which is described as "INCREDIBLY hard!"

Jessica and Cody then confirm earlier press reports that they will be competing on Season 30 of CBS' travel competition show, The Amazing Race. In the message, Jody asked fans for their love and support during their journey around the world and expressed they are hoping they will come home with the $1 million grand prize.

As such, Jessica and Cody's Instagram post, which appears to be penned mainly by Jessica, reads as follows.
"It's official! Jess & Cody are off on a new adventure... Hi Darings [Darlings]! So sorry we had to leave you but we promise it's for a good reason! Keeping this a secret the last few weeks has been INCREDIBLY hard! At least now I can finally confirm the rumors. Cody and I will be competing on the 30th Amazing Race! CBS keeps surpassing all of my dreams and I'm beyond grateful! I get to race around the world with my best friend and love of my life! Can't wait to bring home the win and celebrate with all of you! Send us some luck & love and we can't wait to tell you all about it once we're home! Love, Jess & Cody."
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jody's participation in the 30th season of TAR is going to be somewhat of a big deal, as CBS has invited fans of Jessica and Cody to witness them leave on their journey from Washington Square Park in New York City on Sunday, October 1, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.Unfortunately, how well the couple does during their adventure on TAR will remain a secret until the season airs, which has yet to be announced.As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, although Cody was deemed America's Favorite Player of BB19 by fans, the couple has faced criticism for comments made during the game having to do with race and sexuality.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]