Apple Watch Series 3 Watch Comes With Built-In Cellular And Other Capabilities

In this year’s Keynote presentation, Apple unveiled on September 12 a brand new product lineup that featured the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The event hosted at the Steve Jobs Theater, the tech giant also showcased the much-anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch Series 3 in LTE and non-LTE versions.

According to the press release, the Apple Watch comes with health and fitness enhancements. A faster dual-core processor along with a new wireless chip, and the latest operating system watchOS 4.

The Apple Watch came with new features, but minor alterations with regards to hardware. The free repair manual site, iFixit, in a comprehensive teardown confirmed this finding.

“In a weird twist of tech, this Apple Watch added new features without really changing… at all. So much so that we’re tempted to speculate that the Watch hardware has been LTE-ready for a generation,” confirming to the wiki-based online repair guide.

What was also highlighted in the teardown of the Apple Watch was the presence of the RF chips. In other words, this is the reason the Apple Watch Series 3 comes embedded LTE capabilities and functionalities.

In a 9to5Mac report, relevant improvements for the Apple Watch 3 Series included Siri Speaks and expanding the storage from 8GB to 16GB.

The launch of these new smartwatches effectively phases out the Apple Watch Series 2. The Apple Watch Series 1 and 3 will remain in the company’s repertoire for now.

Apple was contacted days after the product launch, and no comment was provided.

As indicated in the above Tweet, the company ran into issues with the built-in cellular capability. The New York Times cited that reviewers pinpointed the occasional loss of connectivity.

The Cupertino company launched the first-generation Apple Watch back on April 24, 2015. What the company marketed was smartwatches from the beginning. To break into this brand new market, Apple incorporated fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities, which was a huge selling point for consumers.

A lot has changed in the technology included in these miniaturized computers. Apple had success selling one million units of the Apple Watch. Can it overcome this feat in spite of the initial hiccups? Only time will tell.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]