Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” OS Now Available

Ubuntu 9.10 doesn’t only bring new advances to the Linux OS front, it has what I think is the coolest OS name to date. I still think a Snow Leopard would quite easily tear apart a Koala, literally and figuratively, but the new Ubuntu OS seems like it was named by a hippy on LSD while playing Commodore 64 games.

The new OS features a better (faster) graphical boot sequence which ditches those annoying text scrolls, while also providing a much improved audio framework which was needed to spread sound more evenly across multiple applications during multitasking.

Ubuntu 9.10 also features a software center which makes it easier to “visually” remove or add applications, much like what we already see in Windows PCs.

The new system is available for desktop, server and netbook systems and can be downloaded now from Ubuntu. [Engadget via Ubuntu]