'LPBW:' Audrey Roloff Finally Lightens Up, Pokes Fun At Herself And Ember With New Bedroom Hack

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has had a challenging time since baby Ember Jean's birth. Over the past weekend, Audrey shared what could only be her most personal, most intimate message to her fans to date, discussing the struggles she has been experiencing since giving birth to her first child. If Auj's most recent Instagram Story is any indication, however, it seems like the reality TV star is starting to feel a lot better.

Audrey loves her home with Jeremy and Ember, and she updates her massive social media following about the ins and outs of her family life on a consistent basis. Sometimes, however, Audrey finds things that do not please her, such as Jeremy's sweat stains and power tools on their matrimonial bed, as mentioned in this previous report from the Inquisitr. During that time, Auj was so aggravated about her beddings that she uploaded a social media post addressed to her husband telling him that soiled bed covers are not okay with her.

As shown in Audrey's latest Instagram Story, however, she seems to have fully gotten over her bedroom issues, using a clever and practical hack. Audrey's disposition seems to have improved considerably as well, as her recent social media update was filled with her usual wit and humor. Auj even poked fun at herself and Ember, stating that right now, everyone in the family is soiling the bed.

"Found some gray sheets that hopefully won't show Jer's sweat stains as bad. Ok… and my makeup and milk stains… and Ember's pee and (poop emoji)."
Though Audrey's most recent update in her Instagram Story is pretty basic, it nonetheless shows that little by little, the Little People, Big World star is getting over her postpartum struggles. The last two weeks have been incredibly challenging, but with the help of Jeremy, her family and her in-laws, it seems like Audrey is beginning to find her rhythm once more.

Baby Ember Jean Roloff arrived way past her due date, causing many Little People, Big World fans to worry about both Auj and her baby. Fortunately, the youngest member of the reality TV family arrived on September 10. Since then, Audrey and Jeremy have been in full parenting mode.

In their past Instagram Stories, both Auj and Jer shared the challenges they are facing with the arrival of Baby Ember. Audrey was hit by postpartum conditions, and Jeremy was so tired with the continued home renovations and his newborn child that he sometimes sleeps while sitting down.

Thus, in a lot of ways, Audrey's recent lighthearted, witty Instagram Story is an encouraging sign that the reality TV couple is getting used to their new roles as parents.

What do you think about Audrey Roloff's most recent Instagram Story? Is the Little People, Big World star finally finding her rhythm, or is her latest update a mere burst of positivity? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]