September 27, 2017
Toddler Shoots 2 Kids At Daycare Home: Both Boys, 3, In Critical Condition

A toddler at a daycare facility somehow got a hold of a gun and fired it. The bullets hit two other toddlers, who are both 3 years old. Both shooting victims were said to be in "very critical" condition in the aftermath of this daycare shooting. The investigation is underway as to how a gun got into this toddler's hands.

The Dearborn, Michigan, daycare was run out of someone's home, and according to Fox News, the facility was not found on the list of the daycare facilities licensed by the state. Daycares are typically required to get a license. Police Chief Ron Haddad talked to reporters on the scene and said it wasn't immediately clear how the child got a hold of a gun and why it was kept in such close proximity to the kids in the daycare.

The children who were shot were rushed to two separate trauma centers. Haddad said both of the kids were shot. He also said, "they're both young and it's very critical." At the time of the shooting, there was only one adult present in the home.

According to Detroit News, police received a 911 call at about 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday from someone in the home beckoning them to the 3000 block of Harding Street near Outer Drive and Rotunda Drive. When they arrived they found two children, both 3 years old, had been shot.

Haddad said, "Obviously, there was a weapon in proximity to the kids, and that's totally unacceptable to me, but I don't want to comment any further on that." He later said at a news conference that took place near the house, "It's totally tragic. It's irresponsible."

According to Fox Detroit, the two toddlers shot are both boys. During a search of the home that was done by the police, they found multiple guns.

Police had questioned everyone in the house at the time of the shooting and all were accounted for. Haddad said that they are going to "pray for these two little kids to be alright." At the time of the conference their conditions were considered "critical, but stable." He also said that what occurred in the house was a tragedy for the entire community.

There were no arrests made in this incident yet and it is not known if anyone will face charges in this tragic event. Neighbors told reporters that multiple children were at the house on any given day.

The woman who owns the house has six kids of her own, said Ashley Escobedo, 30, who identified herself as the sister to Samantha Eubanks, 31. Eubanks owns the home and runs the daycare. Escobedo lives there too but wasn't at home when the tragedy occurred. According to the sister, Eubanks' kids range from age 2 to 15.

Escobedo said that her sister hates guns, so she was surprised to hear that one was in the home. "She would always say don't you ever bring a gun in this house, it's not gonna happen. That's why I'm very shocked," Escobedo said. She said that she ran home as soon as she heard what happened, according to Detroit News.

The other children who were at the daycare at the time of the shooting were taken to the Dearborn Police Department, where their parents were notified to pick them up.

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