'Fast N' Loud Star' Richard Rawlings: Making Gas Monkey A Success And Avoiding Reality Pitfalls Like 'OCC'

Fast N' Loud star Richard Rawlings has all appearances of looking like a successful entrepreneur, pulling out an impressive wad of "cash money" when making deals for his Gas Monkey Garage or helping out other car businesses on Garage Rehab, but it wasn't that long ago that he was flat broke.

How did the did the successful entrepreneur go from sleeping on his sister's couch to owning a mega empire, and starring in two globally successful reality shows, and still managing to keep it all family friendly?

Speaking to Fox News, Rawlings attributes three main tips that took him from struggling to profitable. These are easy and practical business tips that any entrepreneur could use to take their business up to the next level.

First, he believes a "good, wholesome, clean environment" is going to attract customers, and make it easier for employees to get the job done.

Fans of Garage Rehab have seen Richard walk into struggling shops where employees are congregated around a littered table, smoking eating and looking unkempt, while the shop looks like a hoarder took over. On one episode, he even witnessed a shop employee barbecue food for lunch!

Richard believes the place always has to look clean and tidy when customers walk in that front door, or otherwise customers will question the quality of service and walk right out.

Next, Richard believes employees need to look well-groomed and tidy, and believes "an unkempt persona is just very scary to a lot of people." Cleanliness means approachable. He points out that he has facial hair and a bunch of tattoos, but makes a point of always looking clean and neatly groomed.

Most of all, Richard believes you need to just be "nice to people." This means that being polite and speaking with respect to customers is important. This can also subliminally convey to to the customer that you know what you are doing.

Being nice is something he learned from watching the Teutul family, on American Chopper, as well viewing other motorcycle shows. He told Entrepreneur that although he enjoyed watching these shows, his wife and kids didn't, and he realized that the fighting and meanness was a turn-off for families.

The Fast N' Loud star knew that when he was going to have his own television show, he was not going to have screaming and swearing, and make this a show that the whole family can watch.
"So when I decided to do this, it was it was to bring in the families and the kids and the grandmas and make a fun show about what we do. Look, I'm still a goateed guy with a bunch of tattoos, but I've got a poodle and not a pit bull. I don't kick boxes and I don't scream at other people."
What Richard Rawlings didn't mention that on his shows, instead of the focus on drama, the focus of Fast N' Loud and Garage Rehab is about the cars. This is what people want to see, and Richard obviously knows what the people want!Fast N' Loud Season 5 begins on October 16, on Discovery.

What do you think of Richard Rawlings three tips on making a business a success? Do you agree that keeping the place clean, the workers looking neat and treating customers with courtesy is a recipe for the success of Gas Monkey Garage? Please share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]