September 27, 2017
Problems 'Outlander' Book Fans Had With Season 3 Episode 3

Outlander Season 3 has already been full of exciting scenes, impressive acting, and longing for Claire and Jamie to be reunited. While book fans have praised the series adaptation since its beginning, there are times that missing scenes have caused some issues. Season 3 Episode 3, "All Debts Paid," has proven to have some issues for books fans in Facebook groups.

Lack Of Interaction Between Frank and Brianna

One of the biggest issues has been the lack of interaction between father and daughter. Outlander Season 2 didn't shy away from the fact that Brianna never had the chance to fully connect with her mother. She was much closer to Frank, who she always believed was her real dad.

The show had a chance to show the bond form between father and daughter. We certainly saw that Frank was a loving and caring father. He wanted the best for Brianna and wanted to be in her life, despite not being her father. However, we never saw much interaction. The series has focused more on Claire and Frank's show marriage and the difficulties they both faced, rather than getting to see Brianna connect with her dad.

This could come in future episodes with flashbacks from Brianna, but there's no denying from book fans that this has been a disappointment so far. Many are holding out hope that some of the scenes will appear later in Outlander Season 3.

Jamie And John Created Problems For 'Outlander' Book Fans
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Lack Of Bond Forming Between Jamie and Lord John Grey

Book fans were excited to see that Lord John Grey was coming to Outlander Season 3. The bond he and Jamie form over the years helps both characters to understand each other more. It also helps Lord John's feelings for Jamie grow over time and explains the reason he uses his pull in the Army to avoid Jamie being sent to the colonies with the other Ardsmuir prisoners.

In the novels, fans read about this relationship. They saw how Jamie was treated by other prisoners, and John changed the way he focused on this one single prison while at Ardsmuir. Book fans saw how long it took for John to treat Jamie the way John's predecessor did and realize that there was far more to Red Jamie.

The show did lose this in the episode. The relationship between the two was fast-paced and partially unrealistic. However, fans hope that some of the relationship development will be shown in future episodes, as Lord John finally meets Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser.

Some 'Outlander' Book Fans Had Problems With Murtagh's Survival
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The Inclusion of Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

Outlander Season 3 made it clear from the premiere that there would be a major deviation from the books. Murtagh never died at Culloden, shocking many. There were questions over his whereabouts until he was shown at Ardsmuir with Jamie and the other Jacobites.

Fans have instantly noted a problem with this. They want to know how he could be written into the colonies storyline since that's where he was last seen being sent to. But that's not all.

Murtagh's death at Culloden left Jamie completely alone. It left Jamie completely defeated and living through the events that got him to this point in his life. Without Murtagh's death, Jamie technically still had something to hold on to. There was someone who knew Claire almost as well as Jamie did, and knew that she'd tried everything to prevent what had happened.

Some fans have pointed out that Jamie still had his solitary life. Murtagh was clearly captured before Jamie. They didn't reconnect until they were in the prison, so there was still a chance for Jamie to develop the way he did in the book. Many also look forward to the way Murtagh can still be included in the future, potentially taking over the role of another character in the books. In an interview with Mashable, EP Ron Moore admitted that Murtagh's character was more of a key player in the earlier seasons of Outlander, so he had to keep the character in the future episodes. It makes sense that he'll take on the role of another character in the future.

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