September 27, 2017
Did Heather Locklear Drive Her Porsche Into A Ditch After Assaulting Shady Boyfriend?

When the news hit that Heather Locklear had driven her Porsche into a ditch, many assumed that she was once again struggling with substance abuse, but this is not the case, as she tested clean. But now there is a rumor that just before she crashed her car, she got into a vicious physical fight with boyfriend Chris Heisser, and that might be how she hurt her arm. According to friends, Heisser, a convict, is no good for Locklear and is putting her sobriety and finances at risk.

Heather Locklear's friends and family are reportedly begging her to ditch Heisser, who is said to have been Locklear's high school boyfriend.

"This guy isn't good for Heather's sobriety. They got into a knock-down, drag-out brawl."
Locklear supposedly has lost it on several occasions, throwing things at Heisser.
"Heather went completely psycho and threw things at Chris! She was in a rage, violent and inconsolable. It was a mess!"
A friend of Heather Locklear confirms that just before she crashed into the ditch, she had a fight with Heisser at his Thousand Oaks home, leaving in a huff.
"We're sure that's what put her in the insane state that caused the accident."
They say that luckily, nobody was seriously injured, as it was a single car crash.
After the crash, Heather Locklear thanked fans for their concern, saying she was safe at home, but friends say that since the crash, Heather has been isolating herself in her house, and not talking to anyone except for Chris Heisser.
"Heather has locked herself away and isn't talking to anyone. She needs help!"
Locklear reached out to Heisser after getting out of rehab, but friends are calling Heisser a con artist with a track record of cheating. An old friend of Locklear's from her Dynasty days is scared for Heather.
"This guy is a scam artist. Some of her friends think he'll rob her blind!"
Back in 2011, Chris Heisser was charged with 40 counts of forgery and corruption, as well as grand theft and identity theft. Heisser works as a contractor and forged the signature of a homeowner, and fraudulently obtained funds from a mortgage company. And Chris Heisser also co-opted the identity of his brother. Heisser pleaded guilty and served two years in prison. He still has to pay restitution for his crimes.
But friends are not just concerned about Heather Locklear's finances, they are also concerned that Chris Heisser is cheating on the actress. Heisser is said to be dating another woman named Dawn Willoth. Willoth's ex-husband has confirmed that the two are dating, and he has met Heisser through his former wife.

"They are dating. They have been together since September or October. I met him a couple of times."

Dawn Willmoth's ex-husband says he's hopeful the two will even get married. He seemed not to know about Heisser's relationship with Locklear.


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Heather Locklear's single-car accident was near Chris Heisser's house in Thousand Oaks, California. Locklear, 55, was transported to the hospital just after 5:30 p.m. with non-life-threatening injuries. Police confirmed that neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Do you think Heather Locklear's boyfriend Chris Heisser is a negative influence?

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