September 27, 2017
Maci Bookout Angers Her Fans With Social Media Posts: Determined To Use Fans For Income?

Maci Bookout is one of the Teen Mom OG stars that don't post a lot on social media. When she isn't filming the show for MTV, she mostly keeps to herself. She doesn't share photos when she doesn't have to and she rarely tells fans what is happening in her everyday life. So when Maci does decide to post something on social media, fans are excited to see what she's up to. However, Bookout appears to post plenty of sponsored posts and this week, she shared one for FabFitFun. She revealed what she had received in the box and encouraged people to sign up using her code.

Of course, Bookout is far from the only Teen Mom star that is doing this kind of sponsored posts. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now facing some criticism from her followers, as they are tired of seeing the same posts from all the Teen Mom stars. It appears that FabFitFun has asked several of the girls to promote the beauty boxes, so fans are seeing similar posts from all of the stars. This is starting to annoy some people, and one person threatened to unfollow Maci along with the other stars.

"All the teen mom Instagram all it is now is advertisement now. It's annoying now! I don't wanna see what y'all are getting for free when we have to buy the crap. Going to unfollow everyone now," the follower wrote on Maci Bookout's Instagram post, revealing that it was exhausting to see so many ads.

Maci isn't the only person who has received criticism over her posts. Many of the Teen Mom stars have been slammed for promoting products in return for money. Of course, there's no proof that these girls are actually getting paid for these sponsored posts. Bookout did share a promo code in her post and she may make money when people sign up. However, one follower suggested that perhaps she only received promotional products in return for sharing these posts. Bookout and the other Teen Mom stars haven't said anything about how they make money or if they just get free beauty products. One can imagine that Maci isn't allowed to disclose her agreement with FabFitFun. Despite the criticism, she continues to share sponsored posts for potential income.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's sponsored post? Are you growing tired of seeing these promotional ads from celebrities, including the Teen Mom stars?

[Featured Image via MTV]