September 27, 2017
WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reacts To Cody Rhodes & Bullet Club Invading 'Raw'

The recent WWE Raw invasion stunt by Cody Rhodes and his fellow Ring of Honor "Bullet Club" members drew a reaction from the fans there for it, but also apparently from Vince McMahon. While the boss himself wasn't there to witness Rhodes and company as they rallied professional wrestling fans in an outside demonstration, he still was aware of the incident that went down. Here are the latest details on what happened, what Vince thought of it, and what could be coming next with this whole situation.

As reported at Inquistr and other websites on Monday, the recent angle involving Cody Rhodes saw he and members of a stable from Ring of Honor called "Bullet Club" show up in an outside area near the venue where Monday's Raw was to take place. With Cody Rhodes was his wife Brandi, as well as Marty Scurll, the Young Bucks, and Adam Page. With fans surrounding them in a parking lot area, Rhodes proceeded to stand up on top of a car. With a megaphone in hand, he started to deliver a passionate speech which ended up being the speech the late actor Bill Pullman delivered to the American people in the sci-fi movie Independence Day.

Cody Rhodes gave a speech outside WWE Raw arena
Ring of Honor's Cody Rhodes gave a speech outside WWE Raw arena and Vince McMahon didn't find it all that amusing. [Image by WWE]

The invasion incident was chronicled in the Bullet Club's regular YouTube video series called Being The Elite. In episode 73, the group plans their trip to the Ontario area where WWE Raw will be held and talk about wanting their freedoms back. One of those is the right to say "suck it," something that was famously used by WWE's D-Generation X, but reportedly not allowed for Ring of Honor's The Young Bucks due to a cease and desist notice they got. Cody also hilariously mentions he wants to get his last name back and "get Marty's umbrella back" referring to the fact Jack Gallagher uses the prop. It all results in a trip taken to the arena area in a stretch limousine and then Cody firing up the fans with his speech.

So what did WWE's Vince McMahon think about the whole thing? Apparently, Mr. McMahon was not too amused. As Sportskeeda's Aaron Varble indicated, the topic was recently discussed on Wrestling Observer Live by Bryan Alvarez and his co-host Mike Sempervive. Alvarez said at one point, "Vince did not find it funny at all." Sempervive suggested that the Bullet Club could have actually bought tickets to WWE Raw if they really wanted to go all the way with the stunt.

Both Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes were former employees of WWE. In particular, Cody seemed displeased over his role within the company, much like other professional wrestlers who leave. He went elsewhere in search of better opportunities for him and his wife. It's possible there's still some animosity between Cody and the company, but most likely this was a humorous jab at D-Generation X, the very stable that seems to have resulted in the cease and desist letter going out to Young Bucks.

It should be interesting to see if Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club or Ring of Honor do anything more with this angle, or if they let it go for now. However, it's highly unlikely that Vince McMahon will send anyone from WWE over to Ring of Honor for a similar stunt. They may decide to stay there with Cody Rhodes in search of new feuds and better opportunities with a different wrestling organization.

[Featured Image by WWE]