September 27, 2017
Study Shows That Your Office Coffee Cup Is Probably Covered In Poop

You may want to think next time before you grab a cup of coffee at work to fuel you for the day because chances are it's covered in fecal matter.

According to a study done by Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, about 90 percent of mugs in office kitchens are covered in bacteria with about 20 percent being covered in fecal bacteria, according to the New York Post. The 1997 study showed that most of the bacteria was caused by kitchen sponges in the workplace, which are not changed or washed very frequently.

The study showed that coliform bacteria was found on 20 percent of coffee cups tested before they were wiped with an office sponge. After the mugs were wiped with a sponge and tested, the results showed that 100 percent of cups showed coliform bacteria. On the other hand, no E. coli was found on the coffee cups before they were wiped with a sponge, while after being wiped with an office sponge, testing showed that 20 percent of cups tested positive for E. coli.

If you want to avoid drinking a cup of coffee covered in fecal matter, Gerba suggests either taking home your cup to wash it or investing in a dishwasher for your office.

In other feces-related news, social media has recently gone crazy over Denny's new mascot, which many people believe looks more like a piece of poop than what it's actually meant to be — a sausage.

When people first got a look at Denny's new "Grand Slam" mascot, they took to social media to mock the breakfast sausage. In fact, it basically caused a Twitter storm with many fans even comparing the controversial character to South Park's Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo.

"The Dennys turd is here with lunch," one user tweeted along with a photo of the sausage.

"Actual turd on their menu," another user wrote with a photo of the Denny's menu.

According to USA Today, Denny's chief marketing officer John Dillon is fighting back against the haters by telling them that the chain has no plans to change the mascot because "he looks exactly how a breakfast sausage should look." He then goes on to say that they'd hate to give the sausage a complex because he's loved just the way he is.

Did you mistake the mascot for fecal matter or do you think that some people just have a warped sense of humor?

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]