Sabrina High Of ‘Breaking Amish’ Arrested Again, Actually In Prison This Time

In shocking news today, Sabrina High, also known as Sabrina Burkholder, of Breaking Amish, was arrested once again and is actually in prison this time around. The fans have seen her struggles with the law and drugs on the show. Starcasm shared the news that Sabrina is in jail now. No word yet on if she will be able to bond out or not.

Sabrina was booked into jail on August 24 and is at Lancaster County Prison. Right now, it hasn’t been confirmed what she was arrested for, but Starcasm said that they were told it was a parole violation from her previous drug conviction. Sabrina has been in trouble more than once. The last time she was arrested was back in May and it was for charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving an Unregistered Vehicle, and also Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. You can assume that if it was a parole violation it could be from that arrest, but she has been arrested more than once over the years.

Sabrina High has had trouble over the years with being able to keep her children due to her trouble with the law. Starcasm also heard that she had an arrest warrant, but it took a bit of time for them to pick her up on it. So far, Sabrina and the rest of the Return to Amish cast is being quiet about what is going on. Sabrina was also taken to court recently for unpaid rent. It sounds like another season of the show would really help her out financially.

The Inquisitr shared a while back that Jeremiah Raber spoke out and said that he was not going to be supporting Sabrina anymore. At the time, he shared that she had been offered help and actually turned it down. He also said that Sabrina wouldn’t go to rehab because she felt like her cats were more important.

Are you shocked to hear that Sabrina High was arrested once again? Do you feel like she will ever get her act together? Sound off in the comments below. At this time, TLC hasn’t confirmed if Breaking Amish or Return to Amish will be back for another season or not.

[Featured Image by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]