Kevin Hart Cheating: Eniko Would Leave Comedian Had She Not Been Pregnant With Child

Kevin Hart is lucky that his wife, Eniko Hart, has decided to stick around and support her man through his alleged cheating scandal, it’s been revealed.

The model is said to have made it perfectly clear that the only reason she has forgiven her husband is simply that of the fact that she’s expecting his baby.

The supposed fact that Kevin Hart could have cheated on her while she was already pregnant has sickened the 33-year-old to her stomach, but through the love and devotion she has for the comedian, she has opted to forgive his actions this one time.

According to Hollywood Life, Kevin Hart has pled with Eniko above normal measures. He’s incredibly apologetic for his actions, and once he knew the scandal was to hit the internet, he knew it could break his marriage for good.

Eniko found it hard to process the thought of Kevin Hart cheating on her while pregnant with their first child together, and though getting past such a hurdle in their marriage, she knows that walking away will make things that much harder for herself.

If she leaves, Eniko doesn’t have a clear plan of what to do. After all, she’ll still be pregnant with Kevin Hart’s baby and plan to deliver their child at the top of the year.

Let it be known, however, that if the 33-year-old was in a different situation and had not conceived a baby by Kevin Hart, she would have already walked out of the relationship and filed divorce papers quicker than Kevin could’ve apologized, an insider gushes.

She feels utterly disrespected since she trusted Kevin Hart enough to travel by himself while on his work duties.

The supposed fact that he cheated on her has now made Eniko that much more careful with the women that her husband surrounds himself with.

But she has already made it perfectly clear to Kevin Hart that if such an incident was to happen again, she is packing her belongings and the marriage will be over for good.

Kevin seems beyond grateful for the second chance, with sources saying that he’s still apologizing for his actions to this day. While Eniko has no plans of leaving her man, Hart still has a lot of making up to do.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]