Travis Scott Reportedly Preparing For Fatherhood Amid Kylie Pregnancy News, Plans To Spoil His Baby Rotten

Travis Scott can’t contain his excitement on becoming a father, it has been alleged.

The rapper, who found out about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news several months ago, had found it incredibly hard not to let his closest family members know.

According to reports, Travis Scott was so overwhelmed with the news that he gushed about the joyful news to a handful of friends before Kylie had even shared the news with her own group of friends.

It goes without saying that Travis can’t wait to become a father.

Finding out that he had gotten the 20-year-old pregnant came as a shock to the both of them seeing that neither Kylie nor Scott were planning to have a baby, especially not one month after they started seeing one another.

But upon finding out that Jenner had a bun in the oven, Travis Scott considered it the biggest blessing in disguise, because though his career has skyrocketed in the past year, he feels as if becoming a father at this given time was supposed to happen.

Though fans were quick to slam the couple for getting pregnant so soon after they started seeing one another, sources tell Hollywood Life that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are both prepared for what’s about to come their way.

Travis has definitely given his family the impression that he wants to be a father. He has not stopped talking about his plans for the birth of his baby girl, who Kylie will give birth to in the next five months, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Scott has already bought a collection of clothes that he wants his daughter to wear, and he’s also said to be designing the room where the little girl will sleep, which will be filled with plenty of toys and princess-themed items.

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Earlier this week reports made it known that the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner didn’t know how to perceive the news of the pregnancy when Kylie told them about it, but seeing how caring and thoughtful Travis Scott has been since finding out he’d become a dad, they have warmed up to the idea of the duo becoming a family.

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