Spotify Tips And Tricks: From Your Most-Listened To Spotify Artists To Sharing 30-Second Song Previews

Here are some Spotify tricks the casual listener doesn’t know about. If you love to use the streaming service for work or play, you’ll want to take some notes. If you use it every day, you’ll want to know which tracks and artists other users can’t stop listening to. Now you can find out how. There’s a website that will take your Spotify account information and provide you with a list based on your streaming over the past four weeks, six months, and years.

According to The Alt Press, you need to enter the following website: into your browser. Log into your Spotify account and allow the website to give you the information you need. One Spotify user took to Twitter to reveal the results she received. This is a great way for artists to check out the competition and learn how to get Spotify plays.

Spotify also has a new iMessage app that allows you to share a 30-second song preview with your friends and followers. The share button on the Spotify app is easy to use, but sometimes it’s easily forgettable. Plus, your friend must leave iMessage and open Spotify to listen to the full song. This action can be done without the Spotify app. You can share a song with your Spotify followers without leaving iMessage, according to TechCrunch.

share spotify music with friends

Spotify quietly launched the new iMessage app. This allows users to search for any track within the Spotify catalog. You can send a 30-second song preview within iMessage. To enable the feature on your Apple iPhone, open a conversation on iMessage, click on the Apple icon, and enable Spotify. Click on the Spotify icon and search for the song you want to share. Your friend will receive a 30-second preview of the song and they can decide if your share is worthy to leave iMessage and listen to the full-length song.

This feature is only available to Spotify users. If your friend is a Spotify subscriber, they will only be able to preview by enabling the app within iMessage. This feature is super easy and convenient for people who want to share tracks via text message. You still have to leave iMessage to listen to the full-length song, but the 30-second preview will be enough to determine if it’s worth it or not.

These little tricks will make using Spotify somewhat easier and more pleasurable. What are your thoughts on Spotify’s new features? Sound off below in the comments section.

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