Dropping Malia Obama Off At College Was ‘Like Open-Heart Surgery’ For Her Father

Malia Obama Dropped Off At College For Barack Obama

The day Malia Obama was dropped off at college by her parents in August was a bittersweet event for them. Former President Barack Obama shared how it affected him to help move his little girl into her Harvard dorm. He made the remarks at an event for the Beau Biden Foundation.

CNN recaps the interview in which Obama said sending Malia was an emotional experience. His eldest daughter took a gap year in 2016 and arrived at the Ivy League school with cameras on-hand to capture the event. One reporter from the Boston Globe wanted to interview the 19-year-old, but she politely said, “I can’t.”

What was it like for the ex-president to see Malia off to school? Mr. Obama said things happen so fast for parents of daughters. He recalls telling Joe and Jill Biden that saying goodbye to Malia “was a little bit like open-heart surgery.” He added that he was “proud” of himself for not breaking down in tears in front of her, but he had a moment he was sniffling and blew his nose. In doing so, he explains that the Secret Service pretended not to hear him as he tried to get his bearings. He admits it was a “rough” day.

After dropping Malia Obama off at college, her father goes on to say that the moment was a “reminder” that it’s the joys our children and grandchildren bring us despite all of the other accomplishments that have been made by the end of our lives.

It’s unknown what Malia will be studying at Harvard, but there is speculation that she’ll pursue studies in the field of entertainment or film production. A week or so after she moved into the college dorm, she was spotted at a campus hangout by a woman desperately trying to get her photo. A video of the incident was posted in this Inquisitr article, in which Malia scolded the woman for stalking her.

Malia Obama still interests the public and draws attention as the nation’s former first daughter.

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