WWE Rumors: Former Divas Champion To Make Return To Different Wrestling Company After Her Time Away?

While there have been plenty of WWE rumors involving former Divas Champion Paige, another former champ is planning to make her return to the professional wrestling scene. Just like Paige, she’s also training in the state of Florida for a comeback in wrestling, but it’s not with Paige at the WWE Performance Center. Reportedly, former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn is working to get back into the ring but with independent wrestling organizations rather than WWE. Here are the latest details on former WWE Diva Champion Kaitlyn’s planned return to the wrestling ring.

According to Sportskeeda, Kaitlyn, real name Celeste Bonin, posted an update on her Instagram account recently. With a photo of herself drenched in sweat and a wrestling ring seen behind her, she discussed how tough her return to training had been over the day. Kaitlyn indicated she is training with Pablo Marquez’s crew at the Main Event Center in Four Lauderdale, Florida before reminding fans how she hasn’t been wrestling for four years now. She also mentioned, “I forgot how fun/exhausting it is” to be involved in professional wrestling. Kaitlyn was a part of the WWE for about four years with involvement in different storylines and feuds during her career.

Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn returning

The former WWE Divas Champion held the title for just one reign after she defeated another former WWE star, Eve Torres, back in 2013. Both women ended up leaving the company on amicable terms in order to start lives beyond the ring. Both women also departed just before the WWE Divas era transitioned into the modern period known as the “Women’s Revolution.” However, one has to believe both Kaitlyn and Eve were strong representatives of the women’s roster for their time. Eve received her spot on the main roster via the former WWE Divas Search contest, but Kaitlyn earned her spot much differently.

Kaitlyn won the NXT Season 3 women’s competition against her good friend, AJ Lee, to earn a spot on the main roster. AJ eventually joined her on the show and became a fan favorite. Kaitlyn would serve as an assistant General Manager on SmackDown Live before eventually becoming a superstar who had matches. AJ Lee also eventually became a Raw General Manager. The two had plenty of battles between them, with Lee eventually defeating her friend for the championship. AJ would also be Kaitlyn’s final WWE match of her career. Kaitlyn lost to her friend on WWE’s Main Event on January 8, 2014, the same day she had announced she had terminated her contract with the company.

Celeste Bonin has kept herself busy over the past several years while she’s been out of the ring. A former bodybuilder, she had a massive physique, which separated her from other competitors in the ring. She has not only appeared in fitness magazines but has also been a spokesperson for health or nutrition products, launched her own clothing line, and opened a smoothie bar with her husband in Boca Raton, Florida. The 30-year-old was married in 2014 but reportedly separated from her husband this past year, which could be part of why her focus has returned to the wrestling ring.

WWE Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres for Divas Championship

Which professional wrestling organization Kaitlyn will go to is still unknown. However, right now it seems that the WWE is not part of her short-term plan. That said, there have been plenty of examples of former WWE stars who joined a new wrestling organization, only to make their way back over to the WWE’s roster. Could Kaitlyn do the same in the future?

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