'General Hospital' Spoilers: 7 Reasons Patient 6 Is Real Jason, Miller Is Drew - Helena's Curse To Blame

General Hospital spoilers tease that we'll soon find out that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is the real Jason Morgan and that Billy Miller is the twin named Drew. This all comes back to Helena (Constance Towers) and her curse. But there's nothing magic about that curse. Helena created this mess, and Sam's (Kelly Monaco) world is about to explode, and it's all about wonky Cassadine science. Here are seven reasons that Patient 6 is the "real" Jason.

1. Helena had Patient 6 captive and stole his ring

One of the big pieces of evidence that "proved" that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan was the wedding ring that Helena gave Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). In fact, it now looks like Helena took the ring from Patient 6, whom she was holding captive. Helena set Nikolas up to give out false information that Jake Doe was Jason, and he never knew his grandmother was lying to him. Helena has controlled this situation from the start since she experimented on both of the Q twins.

At the time Jake Doe got loose, Patient 6 was still locked away. The brain damage that seemed to link Jake Doe to old Jason was really the result of experiments to implant the microchip to control him. Some tabloids have speculated that Drew was substituted for Jason back in 1996 during the wreck. But remember, Jason had brain surgery in 2011 to remove a piece of the dash embedded from the car crash. That means in 2011, it was the same Jason as it was back in 1996.

2. Patient 6 had Sonny's private number

As we saw in the ABC General Hospital spoilers promo video, the number Patient 6 gave Ava (Maura West) was Sonny's (Maurice Benard) private home number. That's not something that a random person would have. If Burton was mystery twin Drew, why would he have that phone number? The answer is that he wouldn't, but original Jason definitely had Sonny's number memorized. Even with the drugging and brain damage, that number is hardcoded into his memory because he dialed it daily for two decades.

3. Patient 6 was shot and kicked into the water

Another issue to consider, according to General Hospital recaps from SheKnows Soaps, is the description of the trauma Patient 6 endured. He was shot and fell into "open water" and that traumatized him into a psychotic break. That is exactly what happened to Jason back in 2012 the night he "died." Twin Drew wouldn't have that same background. That would be a ridiculous coincidence. This is another obvious sign that Patient 6 is Jason, and so Billy Miller's Jake Doe must be Drew Quartermaine.

4. Patient 6 has no heart condition

GH tried to fake out fans yesterday by having Patient 6 clutch his chest and collapse while Betsy (Deborah Strang) was telling Franco (Roger Howarth) that baby Drew had a heart condition that killed him. This was a classic soap misdirect, just like when Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) cut his hand and dripped it on Nikolas' name to try and fool us into thinking Patient 6 might be Nik, which he's clearly not.

Also, if Patient 6 had a heart condition, they couldn't dope him with ketamine which itself can cause cardiac arrest. If Patient 6 were Drew with the bad heart, one dose would probably kill him, and he's been drugged with that sedative for years. If Patient 6's collapse were from a heart attack, there would have been a scene with a crash cart. There's no heart problem because he's Jason, not Drew.

5. Patient 6 and the twin twist is the curse

Another reason to realize Patient 6 is Jason goes back to Helena's curse. OnAir OnSoaps recounted the curse that said "all those who touch you" are cursed and said Sam and those that love her will "never know happiness in this life, nor any other." With Helena cutting fake Jake loose in Port Charles (because she could easily have killed him off), she knew she was unleashing bad things for the future.

The curse was not magic but is based on Helena having real Jason captive as Patient 6 and letting fake Jason (i.e., twin Drew) run around Port Charles. Helena knew he'd wind up with Sam and that, eventually, Sam would have to face the choice of which Jason to love. That's the ultimate curse – it's like Sophie's Choice – and it will traumatize Sam.

6. Patient 6 was frozen - Miller was on the island

In May, writer Jean Passanante mocked fans when they said Jason wasn't on Cassadine Island to be her assassin. Jean snarked back at fans, asking, "How do you know?" This is important because when those scenes filmed and aired, General Hospital was already talking to Burton about coming back.

Frank Valentini offered some GH spoilers when he told TVLine that it was "months ago" when they began plotting Burton's return. It's very likely that the scenes on Cassadine Island with Miller's Jason were shot with full knowledge that Burton was coming back as "real" Jason, and that's why Passanante was antagonizing fans. She knew how it would all play out and that it was Drew, not Jake, on the island as Helena's assassin.

7. Patient 6 experiment is Faison's work

Another thing to consider is that it's Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) who experimented on both Jason and his twin Drew. Spoilers from Soap Central promise very soon that an "old enemy" of Nikolas returns. The thing is, Nikolas doesn't have many enemies, but friends of Helena certainly make the list, and Faison was his wicked grandma's partner in crime.

Of course, Faison is the architect of making Jake Doe into Helena's assassin and also for putting memories into his brain. Anna (Finola Hughes) recently talked about how skilled Faison is at hypnosis and tampering with memories. He'll be dragged into the light soon if these GH spoilers are accurate, and we'll find out more about what happened to Jason and his twin Drew.

Last, it would be explosive if Burton was brought back as anyone other than the "real" Jason. Even though many GH fans love the chemistry between Sam and Miller's version of Jason, Burton's return doesn't mean that has to go away. Sam can always stick with Drew (Miller) since that's who she now loves. It will be many months before this all rolls out and we see confirmation that Patient 6 is Jason and Miller is the twin, Drew.

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