Holly Eudy: Todd Kohlhepp’s Lover Explains 10-Year Affair With Serial Killer, ‘He Made Me Feel Important’

Holly Eudy is a South Carolina woman who says she spent 10 years in a romantic relationship with successful real estate broker Todd Kohlhepp — before learning that Kohlhepp was a sick and twisted monster who had killed at least seven people, including during the time she was dating him, according to what the woman told the TV news program Inside Edition last week.

Now Eudy says that she always knew something “sat uneasy with me” about Kohlhepp, but it was something that she just couldn’t identify. But the 45-year-old Kohlhepp was a good boyfriend to her, so she stayed with him until his arrest in November of 2016.

“He gave me a lot of attention,” Eudy told the program. “He made me feel like I was important.”

During their decade-long affair, Eudy was married. She says she has since confessed the affair with the serial killer to her husband and they now have a baby on the way. But it was Eudy, according to her own statements, who gave Kohlhepp money to purchase a storage container that he placed in a remote, wooded area on his 95-acre, Woodruff, South Carolina, property — saying that she never had a clue what her lover kept inside the container.

Eudy also apparently did not know that at the age of 15, Kohlhepp had kidnapped a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint, gagged her with duct tape, tied her hands with rope and raped her — threatening to kill the teen girl’s family if she told on him.

But Kohlhepp was caught, convicted and served 14 years of a 15-year sentence. He was required to register as a sex offender but later lied on his real estate license application. When he was in prison, a psychiatric evaluation found that Kohlhepp suffered from psychological issues that “could result in emotional deterioration in the future or continued aggressive behavior toward others in the future.”

The evaluation proved correct. On November 6, 2003, Kohlhepp shot four people to death inside a Spartanburg County motorcycle shop. He also, sometime in late 2015, killed Meagan and Johnny Coxie, a young married couple from South Carolina. Their bodies were discovered buried in shallow graves on Kohlhepp’s property.

Watch excerpts from the Inside Edition interview with Holly Eudy in the video below.

What finally led police to Kohlhepp was a loud banging noise coming from inside that storage container purchased by Kohlhepp with Eudy’s money. Cops happened to be on the Kohlhepp property when they heard the noise, and when they opened the container, they found Kala Brown, who had been missing for two months. Brown later said that Kohlhepp kept her chained inside the container and would visit her twice per day, raping her each time.

Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, had been hired by Kohlhepp to perform cleaning work on the property. But when they arrived at his door, Kohlhepp immediately shot Carver multiple times, killing him. He later told Brown that he killed Carver because “it was easier to control someone once you took someone they loved.” The boyfriend’s body was discovered buried on Kohlhepp’s property in an area near the storage container.

Holly Eudy, Todd Kohlhepp, serial killer, girlfriend of serial killer

Eudy told Inside Edition that throughout their decade-long affair, she remained clueless about Kohlhepp’s depraved murder and rape spree.

“There was always something that sat uneasy with me about him and I just really couldn’t put my finger on it,” she said, claiming that she found out that her lover was a serial killer at the same time that the rest of the public also learned about Kohlhepp.

But when she watched television coverage of Brown’s rescue, she heard something even more chilling. On her trip to the hospital, Brown mentioned Eudy’s name.

“Some girl named Holly, he’s supposedly planning to kill,” Eudy recalled. “My mouth fell open the first time I heard it.”

[Featured Image by Inside Edition/Facebook]