Josh Duggar Angers Fans With Wedding Anniversary Facebook Photo, Anna Duggar Praised For Twitter Post

Josh Duggar has been making frequent appearances on his family Facebook page this year. Especially after his wife, Anna Duggar, gave birth to his fifth baby this fall, he has been sighted often by the fans. In fact, the family decided to celebrate the controversial couple’s wedding anniversary on Facebook this year, showing how they are ready for public’s attention.

But the post made some Counting On fans angry with the fact that the family chooses to forgive Josh Duggar for all his wrongdoings. He has not only molested four of his younger sisters — Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna — but also has shown signs of infidelity by being a user of Ashley Madison.

“There is no way I could stay married to this man let alone have more children with him,” one fan wrote. “I live [for] the Duggar family’s and the shows but it disgusts me to even hear anything about Josh […] to me Anna is staying against her will […] she’s staying because of his and her families.”

Another fan wrote that the family chooses to ignore the “major issues” that Josh has and that “parading him and his family in the public eye just makes people feel terrible.”

“It’s too soon. For the sake of his recovery, his wife and the rest of your family it might be best to keep your love and support private for now,” the fan suggested. “I’m sure they don’t need the inevitable negativity. Their family has suffered enough from being in the public eye.”

Check out the family celebrating their wedding anniversary.

This is not the first time that the fans were outraged by the appearance of the 29-year-old Duggar in public social media. When the family announced the birth of his fifth baby, Mason Garrett Duggar, some fans went so far as to point out that the father is a “pedophile” and that he should not be allowed near any kids.

“It should be illegal for an admitted child molester to procreate and create children,” a fan wrote in the comments section. “Josh admitted to molesting 4 different sisters so it did not happen just once; it happened multiple times. Any woman that would have children with an admitted child molester and pedophile I would have to recommend an intensive psychological examination.”

The family has not made any public acknowledgment of these comments that run rampant underneath every photo about Josh and Anna Duggar. Despite the fact that the couple has removed themselves from the public for two full years after the scandals broke loose, it still looks like they are a sensitive subject for many Counting On fans.

While Josh has not made a comeback on his Instagram or Twitter accounts, his wife Anna started to make posts every now and then. She tweeted today about the relief efforts for Puerto Rico that her friends have taken part in and asked her fans to support them.

Anna tends to be received much better than her husband. Some fans applauded her for being one of the only Duggars to help the U.S. island.

“So glad to see you back on here! Prayers for the relief efforts and for you[,] Josh and your family,” a fan wrote. “And happy anniversary!”

There also have been rumors that Josh and his family will make a comeback on Counting On soon. This has not been confirmed by TLC, the network that produces the Duggars’ reality show.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Twitter]