September 27, 2017
'American Horror Story: Cult' Spoilers: In Episode 4 '11/9' The Bodies Pile Up As Kai Gains More Control

American Horror Story: Cult has taken a very different turn from previous seasons. Ryan Murphy has brought the scary clowns this season to bring chaos to the tale of the aftermath of the presidential election. Murdering scary clowns, in fact. As Kai's power of influence widens, the number of bodies begins to grow.

Episode 4 is where things begin to take a turn. Some of the characters will begin to try to regain some control over their lives and may find themselves in even more danger. Sometimes making a choice can lead to dangerous consequences and that is what the spoilers for American Horror Story: Cult can expect.

Winter has been a key player in the household of Ally and Ivy. She has had their son, Oz, watching online murders and is the reason he saw the murder of their neighbor. Winter's ties to Kai grow even stronger during Episode 4, as they are seen dressed similarly and apparently attending a meeting. When a body is being brought out of the building, Winter tells Kai that she feels great about what had taken place.

This leads to the return of Emma Roberts for her one episode of Season 7. Her role is that of Serina, a reporter that has come to town to cover the story after being promoted over Beverly. American Horror Story: Cult spoilers say she will be doing a report before the camera when she realizes a scary clown is heading directly towards her. Not only is a vengeful Beverly a threat, but also a murderous scary clown.

Ivy and Ally's neighbors, Harrison and Meadow, have a connection to Kai. Viewers have seen them together under the pretense of a fitness meeting but the reality is much darker. On the last episode, Meadow was attacked and her fate unknown but Harrison seems to have become a loyal sidekick for Kai.

There is a lot of speculation over who the five clowns we have met so far really are. According to TV Guide, Kai is probably Mr. Three Face, as he appears to be the leader. Of course, Meadow and Harrison are potentials for the small army of killer clowns. Ivy and Detective Samuels seem to have a twisted part in the story as well. With some of the things American Horror Story: Cult viewers have seen Ivy do, it is possible that she is playing a role in the campaign of terror unleashed on her wife. Fans will have to wait to find out how deep the deception lies.

Do you believe Ivy is part of Kai's growing followers? Do you think that Ally's counselor, Dr. Vincent, could possibly be one of the clowns as well? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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