Trump Backlash On Twitter: 'You Can't Kneel!' NFL Should Set A Rule Forcing Players To Stand During Anthem

As Twitter users are begging President Donald Trump to focus on the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, as reported by the Inquisitr, the president has continued to publish a greater number of tweets about the NFL national anthem controversy. Trump's most recent tweet about the melee has the President of the U.S. recommending new rules for the NFL. Trump tweeted on Tuesday, September 26, that since the NFL has all sorts of rules, the NFL should create a rule telling players that they can't kneel during the national anthem.

"The NFL has all sorts of rules and regulations. The only way out for them is to set a rule that you can't kneel during our National Anthem!"
As expected, the backlash on Twitter against Trump attempting to tell the NFL the rules they should create was swift. The reply section of the tweet is rife with comments coming against the president for suggesting that players should be forced to stand during the national anthem. Twitter users are asking Trump why he didn't suggest implementing a rule whereby the NFL would allow a person to sit, stand or kneel during the national anthem. Tweets about First Amendment rights and freedom of expression soon followed.

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Some of the most popular responses to Trump's NFL tweets feature comedian Wanda Sykes telling NFL players to go to Puerto Rico and kneel in order to trick President Trump into focusing on the aftermath of the hurricane. Other Twitter replies are telling Trump that he should have rules enforced around his presidency, such as regulations that prevent him from profiting off of his role and causing monetary problems for the Secret Service by charging them for golf carts when they travel to protect the president during his golf club outings and appearances.

While handfuls of Twitter users agree with President Trump and are posting memes stating "NFL Shame" and "Stand," plenty more are posting memes that disagree with the president. One meme shows President Trump in an orange jumpsuit being taken off to jail in handcuffs. Trump is receiving a backlash about implementing NFL rules, and criticism that states Trump is attempting to distract from larger issues by attempting to cause cultural divides.

Other replies from Twitter users about the NFL issue can be read below.

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