WWE News: Enzo Amore Took More Damage After WWE ‘Raw’ Went Off Air

On Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore found himself the recipient of all sorts of pain during and after his celebration. Earlier in the night, the 205 Live star requested that Raw General Manager Kurt Angle give him a celebration. Angle reluctantly agreed after reminding him that the way he won the title wasn’t exactly worthy of a celebration. Enzo’s big moment was the close of the show, and after Raw went off the air, there was more to come for the boastful cruiserweight.

As mentioned in the Raw episode results from ProWrestling.net, the final segment featured Enzo Amore bragging about his championship win and even revealing a framed jersey in his honor. During his in-ring promo, the other members of the 205 Live roster came out onto the stage to stare down to the ring at Enzo as they weren’t too happy with his antics. That didn’t stop Enzo from continuing to do what he really does best, talk trash. He proceeded to run down several of the fellow cruiserweight stars with insults until eventually one who wasn’t out there decided to make an appearance. An angry-looking Neville showed up to interject and eventually headed to join Enzo in the ring.

WWE 205 Live stars got involved in Enzo beatdown

After some back and forth banter between him and the new cruiserweight champion, Neville got the best of Enzo. When Enzo tried to escape, he was forced to retreat back to the ring by the other 205 Live stars and Neville hit a Red Arrow. That was the close of WWE Raw in Ontario, California, but there was more to come for Enzo once the show went off the air from the USA network.

As Sportskeeda’s Aaron Varble reported, after Raw was off TV, Braun Strowman got involved in the situation. “The Monster Among Men” came out and slammed Enzo Amore onto the mat. Next, the 205 Live superstars hit the ring. A different video posted on the Pro Wrestling Spotlight Facebook page shows them getting in some shots on the new champion in the ring as he staggers around, still feeling the effects of attacks from Neville and Braun Strowman.

WWE 205 Live stars surround enzo in ring

The grand finale of Raw wasn’t exactly something fans were excited for, but it seems there was at least somewhat of a payoff. Enzo Amore as the new WWE cruiserweight championship has already ruffled plenty of feathers. There’s been fan outrage online and of course, the 205 Live stars are none too happy. At the head of that is Neville, who is likely to get a rematch at some point. One has to wonder how long Enzo will hold onto the title and if WWE is using this as a way to really bring some heat to the former face as a newly-born heel.

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