'The Little Couple' Cancellation: Jen Arnold And Bill Klein Discuss Plans To Leave The Show

The Little Couple is one of the many reality shows on TV, but it is a known fact that the series remains as one of the most watched, with the show entering its ninth season on air. While the TLC reality series was able to sustain and generate enough interest among viewers, stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein recently admitted that they have been talking about their plans to leave the show. Will the show end soon?

The Little Couple Season 9 recently premiered on TLC with a special episode and while many viewers are looking forward to the upcoming episodes, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold recently shared that they have been talking a lot about leaving the show. During a recent interview, they said that being on the show can be quite overwhelming for them, especially for Jen who is working as a doctor, as reported by In Touch.

While Bill and Jen admitted that there have been a lot of conversations about a possible exit from The Little Couple, the stars revealed that there would be one good reason for them to leave the TLC drama - their kids. Bill explained that things have changed after they had their kids and their welfare has become their top priority and their careers follow.


There is no need for viewers to worry, though, as Jen shared that their kids are currently having fun being on The Little Couple. Things would change, however, if being on the show would be a negative impact for the children.

Bill also said that it has been quite difficult for them when they read or hear negative comments from fans or viewers, especially when some viewers judge them for the way they raise their children. However, The Little Couple star stated that they are "terrible actors," but they are working towards improving and continuing to learn from their mistakes.

As most fans can recall, The Little Couple Season 9 premiered with a one-hour special, which saw Bill go to Houston to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Many applauded the star's gesture, but Bill and Jen were also recently criticized by many when they went to a trip to Scotland and introduced scotch to their kids.

What do you think of Bill and Jen's plans to leave The Little Couple?

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