'Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Premiere: Will Amy Accept Sheldon's Proposal? Another Baby Bombshell Unveiled, Too

Erika Miranda

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premiere has much in store for fans as it finally reveals the continuation of the cliffhanger event that ended Season 10: Sheldon's proposal to Amy.

The pace of the onscreen couple's development has definitely been a rollercoaster ride for fans as it began with what can only be described as hilarious play of destiny: online dating.

While it has been proven by a study featured by the Inquisitr that online match-making is not backed the science, the two fan-favorite characters in the popular geeky CBS sitcom started their relationship in the most common way.

Based on a timeline for the "Shamy" love story from Much.com, The Big Bang Theory characters actually met online after Amy started online dating to appease her mother just as Howard and Raj decided to play a joke on Sheldon by creating a profile for him in the same online dating site.

After a few years, Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, has finally asked his girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) to marry him in the surprising ending of the finale of TBBT Season 10.

Those who have been watching the show would know that Sheldon and Amy spent three months apart after Amy left to teach at Princeton in The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

Being left alone in their apartment, the Caltech theoretical physicist was bored and decided to spend some time with Ramona Nowitzki (guest star Riki Lindhome) who apparently had her eyes on him.

Deciding to ask her point blank about her true intentions for him to prove that his friends are wrong, Sheldon was caught off guard when Ramona kissed him right then and there. He then up and left in a music-less montage to where Amy had been staying.

Upon opening the door, the neurobiologist was surprised to see him on one knee, holding up the ring he's had since the Season 8 finale and asked her if she would be his wife.

Warning: Spoiler for The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premiere ahead.

Now, the show has returned to reveal that Amy had actually said "Yes" to Sheldon's proposal as the premiere of the show's new season started off with an immediate answer to the last season's hanging question.

According to a recap from Entertainment Tonight, Sheldon told Penny and Leonard about the big announcement, exclaiming, "She said yes!"

He then informs his mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), about the news and moves on to call Raj and Howard to share the great news to them.

Howard then decides to tell Bernadette about the news when he gets a more surprising update from his wife. As it turns out, they are having another baby.

According to the outlet, the baby bombshell was written into the script for Season 11 after Bernadette-portrayer Melissa Rauch is actually pregnant with her first child, news she revealed to her Instagram followers in July.

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