Jessa Duggar Stays Away From Josh Duggar Scandal By Putting Baby Boys In Spotlight On Facebook & Instagram

The Duggar family has become synonymous with scandals, lawsuits, and drama over the past two years, but it looks like Jessa Duggar is determined to stay out of the news headlines. The mother of two is currently involved in a lawsuit that her brother, Josh Duggar, is trying to join, but she seems adamant on making sure that every Facebook and Instagram posts about her are as positive as possible.

So far, she has managed to not kick up a lot of dust in public. Her older sister, Jill Duggar, has not been able to do so as her husband, Derick Dillard, tends to post polarizing content on Twitter. Her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, also made headlines with her unseasonably big baby bump, triggering rumors that she may have conceived out of wedlock. Josh Duggar, who molested his four sisters, including Jessa, just had his fifth baby with his wife, which has sent a lot of criticism his way.

The 24-year-old Duggar, on the other hand, seems to have a much better control of her life. Her husband, Ben Seewald, seems to cause the least trouble out of all her sisters’ partners. Her two baby boys, Spurgeon and Henry, are favorites amongst Counting On fans, who eagerly wait for every baby development update.

Recently, Jessa’s eldest son was featured not only on her Instagram but also the Duggar family Facebook page for his cute antics. The mother of two captured her son pretending to sneeze as he pulls out a kleenex. This moment was so cute that Michelle Duggar, his grandmother and the original star of 19 Kids and Counting, shared it to the bigger fanbase on her Facebook.

The fans loved this video and did not hold back their enthusiasm in the comment section.

“He is so adorable!He has figured out that sneezing gets a good reaction,” a fan commented. “Cute how he knows to grab a tissue to cover his nose and mouth! Good job mom!”

While Jessa likes to highlight these moments from her kids’ lives, she also faces challenges of taking care of two babies. In the previous episode of Counting On, she revealed that, now that there are two babies, it is extremely hard to travel. In a shorter clip, she also stated that having two kids means that she and her husband cannot hold hands or show public displays of affection.

Outside her domestic woes, she also has some legal troubles that need her attention. Just a few months ago, she and her three sisters – Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna – took to the court to sue the city of Springdale, Arkansas and InTouch Magazine for revealing their identities as the victims of Josh Duggar’s molestation.

They faced an unexpected challenge when Josh Duggar gave in a request to join this lawsuit as his identity also has been released to the public. Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna surprised the fans by banding together and asking the judge to not allow him to do so.

The older sisters offered advice for Joy on her wedding day! Link in the bio.

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“It would appear that things aren’t hunky-dory if they are having public legal battles. That would indicate they’re not coordinating things with each other,” attorney Troy Slaten, who does not work with the Duggars, shared with E! News. “They are not on the same side […] If everything was good, they may want to help each other’s legal strategy but here, they clearly have opposing legal interest.”

Despite these legal scandals in her life, Jessa seems focused on her family and baby boys, who are growing every day. In the latest episode of Counting On, she hinted that she may want to move out of Arkansas so that she can be closer to her favorite sister, Jinger Duggar.

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