September 27, 2017
John Cena Raises Spectre Of Retirement From WWE

Sixteen-time WWE champion and world-renowned celebrity John Cena took a break from the ring to talk about his future retirement prospects on Sunday. The wrestling superstar, who is known for his extensive volunteer work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, didn't offer anything final but speculated that his time in the WWE may be coming to an end soon.

Following the WWE's No Mercy fight, where Cena lost against Roman Reigns, the wrestler appeared on RAW Talk to discuss both his time in the ring and his independent work outside of it. Asked by Jerry Lawler, himself a WWE hall-of-famer, whether he's ready to move on from the ring, Cena responded that his time is yet to come.

"No. I just think my role is different," Cena told Lawler, per the Mirror.

The 40-year-old superstar has spent 15 years in the WWE, accumulating fame and fans and quickly rising to stardom. Following the Sunday show, Cena took to Twitter to respond to the fans who chanted his name in support of the wrestler after his loss.

"#ThankYou," the post simply read.

During his interview with Lawler, Cena noted that, at 40, he may not be able to keep up with the WWE at the same pace he has for all these years. While Cena gave a rather symbolic goodbye towards the end of the match, he insisted he wasn't "gone," from the ring, but merely moving onto his next step in his career.

"…things are changing," the superstar told Lawler.

During his time wrestling, Cena has gained accolades for more than just smashing his opponents through tables; the wrestling icon has a storied record of working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he appears to comfort terminally ill children.

John Cena visits Children From The Garden of Dreams Foundation at the Madison Square Garden.
John Cena visits Children From The Garden of Dreams Foundation. [Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

In 2015, Cena made history by becoming the first celebrity to grant 500 wishes when he visited an 8-year-old boy from New York with Leukemia. Regardless of where his wrestling career may go in the forthcoming months, Cena's made it clear that he doesn't intend to halt his charitable visits anytime soon.

"I just drop everything," Cena told ESPN."If I can offer a fantastic experience, I'll be first in line to do my part."

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]