‘Monster Hunter: World’ Releases In January On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, No PC Date Yet

Monster Hunter: World release date on consoles

Hunters in the New World are tasked with taking down towering monsters with the aid of the Research Commission in the latest Monster Hunter title. Players will soon be able to defeat various monsters, collect materials, and craft upgraded items in Monster Hunter: World. The co-operative action RPG is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a matter of months.

The release date for the drop-in/drop-out co-op title was announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Monster Hunter: World is coming to consoles on January 26, 2018 with a PC release date yet to be announced. Pre-order bonuses and special edition bonuses for the game are also detailed on the Capcom-Unity website.

Players that pre-order Monster Hunter: World for PS4 or from the Xbox One Store will have access to the Origin Set of armor. Additionally, players that pre-order will get the Fair Wind Charm that boosts player’s attack power while granting access to the Divine Blessing ability. Not to mention, pre-0rdering the game from the PlayStation Store includes a special PlayStation 4 theme. It is important to note that these pre-order bonus items are not exclusive to pre-ordering the game. Monster Hunter: World players may be able to pick up the Origin Set and the Fair Wind Charm after the game’s release.

Monster Hunter: World release date confirmed by Capcom

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes additional emotes, stickers, one face paint, and even a hairstyle. That edition also offers players a Samurai Set of armor. A physical Collector’s Edition is also available including the items of the Digital Deluxe Edition and other items. An art book, soundtrack, statue, and more are part of the Collector’s Edition.

Like other titles in the franchise, players can expect to track and hunt down monsters threatening the area. With access to 14 different weapons, players can choose the way they defeat these creatures. Players can wield weapons like the Hammer, the Long Sword, the Gunlance, and many more. Traps, mantles, and the Slinger also aid in combat giving players a way to surprise their targets.

As the Inquisitr reported, Monster Hunter: World will be the first in the franchise to feature cross-region co-op. Players from all over the world will be able to hunt together so long as they are on the same type of platform. The game will launch in all regions in January on PS4 and Xbox One giving all players a chance to start their adventure together. Monster Hunter: World features co-op for up to four players simultaneously.

[Featured Image by Capcom]