WWE Superstar Receives Standing Ovation After ‘No Mercy’ Performance

WWE Superstar Receives Standing Ovation After 'No Mercy' Performance

The WWE held their Monday Night Raw themed No Mercy pay-per-view on the WWE Network and the results were hit and miss. While some matches left a lot to be desired, such as Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar, other matches were amazing, including John Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

Cesaro and Sheamus Vs. Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose

With that said, arguably the best match on the entire card saw Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defend their WWE world tag team titles against former champions Cesaro and Sheamus. The match went about 16 minutes before the former members of The Shield picked up the win.

In his podcast on Sunday night after the No Mercy pay-per-view event, former WWE superstar Matt Morgan talked about what an incredible performance Cesaro put in. As Morgan pointed out, Dean Ambrose launched Cesaro into the corner and Cesaro smashed his face into the buckle, knocking out some teeth.

After the injury, Cesaro kept wrestling for almost 11 more minutes and took some more major bumps as the blood poured from his mouth. According to Morgan, Cesaro walked backstage after the match and the wrestlers in the back gave him a standing ovation for continuing on after the match.

The Outcome Of Cesaro’s Injury

The WWE posted a video on their YouTube page that showed Cesaro undergoing emergency dental surgery after the match to fix his two front teeth, which were broken. He also received three stitches to close up the cut on his bottom lip.

The WWE then posted a follow-up article today on their website that said that a maxillofacial surgeon to resolve the issue to help get Cesaro back into action. The doctor said that his teeth were pushed about 3 to 4 mm into his upper jaw. The doctor also said that they would probably replace them with implants.

WWE Superstar Receives Standing Ovation After 'No Mercy' Performance

It sounds like Cesaro won’t be back on Monday Night Raw tonight, as his doctor said that he should be up and running by Tuesday. As a result of the injury, there is nothing listed on tonight’s Monday Night Raw premiere concerning the WWE tag team titles.

There are rumors that Kurt Angle will book The Shield to reunite at the next Monday Night Raw pay-per-view, Tables, Ladders and Chairs in October. While there is no word on who the WWE plans to have The Shield battle, Roman Reigns will appear on Miz TV tonight, so it could be Miz and the Miztourage, although that seems a step down for all three former members of The Shield.

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