LeBron Says Intention To Stay In Cleveland ‘Hasn’t Changed,’ Was Ready To Give Kyrie The Keys

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving pose with a miniature Larry O'Brien Trophy.

If Kyrie Irving only waited, he would have gotten his wish of leading a team. This would have been possible even with LeBron James finishing his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers as he signified during the recent NBA Media Day.

LeBron finally addressed the rumors of him wanting to leave Cleveland for another team. Unfortunately, his answer was a bit confusing.

James initially said that his intentions to retire with the Cavaliers haven’t changed. LeBron also nodded after he was asked if plans on staying in Ohio to finish out his NBA career. However, he followed that up with a statement that he would make his decision after the upcoming NBA season is done and over with.

“Anytime I’m able to be [a] free agent or my contract ends, I’ll approach that when the summer comes.”

When LeBron was asked about Kyrie and his trade request, he said there were “a ton of emotions” on his part. LeBron said he wondered if there was anything that he could have done better to keep him in Cleveland.

LeBron also tried to figure out what could have happened that made Kyrie want to be traded to another team. James wondered if it was because of their NBA Finals loss, the coaching changes, the GM change, or maybe the fact that he came back to Cleveland.

“I tried to do whatever I could do to help the kid be the greatest he could be and wanted to be.”

LeBron further explained that he tried everything to help Kyrie reach his full potential as a player and a vocal leader. He said that he tried to “give him as much DNA” as he could because he was preparing Kyrie to take over the mantle from him.

“When he was ready to take over the keys, I was ready to give them to him.”

Another reporter asked LeBron what advice he would give Kyrie now that there’s added pressure on him. LeBron shook his head and answered in the negative.

“I don’t have any advice for him now,” James said to the delight of the crowd. “I got no advice for him or any other people that’s on any other team. We’re trying to win a championship here. It’s either you’re with us or against us.”

LeBron stressed that he was “truly humbled and excited” with the “gratifying three years” that he and Kyrie played together.” He, however, will not give Irving any more advice now that he’s playing for the Boston Celtics.

“Even if my son went to another team and we played against each other, I’m not gonna give him [advice],” LeBron said. “He can come over and eat dinner or something but he ain’t getting no advice from me.”

Officially a part of the @celtics Tradition! Truly grateful. #AllLove

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LeBron is arguably the face of the NBA right now and he wants to be its voice of reason as well. Aside from talking basketball, LeBron answered questions related to his political stance and other issues plaguing the nation right now.

LeBron has already lent his voice against racism and hatred especially when someone vandalized his Los Angeles home with a racial slur. Currently, LeBron is speaking out against Donald Trump and his call to repress professional athletes.

LeBron made his message clear that he will not allow Trump to use sports as a platform to divide the country.

When asked about his “bum” comment on Trump, LeBron said he had no regrets calling him that. James also denied name calling the president and even said that he and his friends “call each other that all the time.”

“I’m not his friend though,” LeBron quickly said as he tried to clear things up. “He’s not my friend.”

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