Prague’s Sex Toy Museum Is Home To Cringeworthy Archaic Devices — Video

Sex Machine Museum in Prague

They have a museum for just about everything else today, so why not a sex machine museum? There is such a place that has many bizarre offerings, the Sex Machine Museum in Prague. You may not be able to fathom the use for all of these devices, many of which were available during the days of your ancestors.

While it is a bit of an erotic look through history, it is a look through history nonetheless with the different machines created to zap, tap, vibrate, and roll, all for the sake of stimulating its user. So if you thought sex toys were the brain-child of modern-day sex enthusiasts, think again.

You might find it amazing that during the very strict and proper bygone centuries people would have access to a machine that would shock their nipples, yes actually zap nipples with electricity. Women needed to be covered from head to toe at one time, but they could go home to a steam-powered dildo in the privacy of their own home. The Sun describes some of these devices of on display in the Prague Sex Machines Museum as “eye-watering historic sex toys.” A video at the end of this article gives you a quick tour and a glance at these devices.

According to the Sun, “the erotic establishment is dedicated to all manner of deviant devices from the past, with X-rated exhibitions laying bare the risque antics of days gone by.” And if you are thinking that some of these devices might hurt more than offering up a stimulating event, you are not alone in your thoughts — just listen to what they say on the video.

The museum is home to 100-year-old dildos that look as if they weathered time very well. The Sex Machine Museum is the first of its kind in the world and it’s located just a couple of minutes from Prague’s Old Town Square. According to Fotostrasse, sex has been on everyone’s mind since the beginning of time and this museum shows just how creative those minds have done with those thoughts through the ages.

The collection of sex toys in this museum comes from all over the world. While it is obvious how some of the sex toys are used strictly by taking a gander at their design, others are not so obvious when it comes to their intended use. Sitting in a display case all its own is a “steam penis machine.” This machine has an antiquated dildo on the end of a metal rod that is attached to a machine, which is operated by steam. That steam provides power to the gears to move that dildo in various directions.

Antique hand cuffs

Someone along the way elaborated on the design used for a hand-cranked whipping utensil, like your grandmother used for whipping cream or mashed potatoes. For the sake of stimulation, the whipping device is replaced with a penis-shaped device. When the crank is turned, the device turns as well.

Antique Picture Of Women

While many of the items were marketed for uses that the masses would find appropriate at the time but once you got it home you knew what it was for.

Some of the devices in the Prague’s Sex Machine Museum date as far back as the 16th century. To collect all these sex machines and place them in a museum was the creative initiative of Oriano Bizzocchi, who is a native of Italy. He saved his money for 20 years to pay for the Sex Machine Museum.

The devices in this museum were created for just about every orifice of the body. According to the Sun, “The incredible collection includes all manner of instruments aimed at stimulating ‘penile, scrotal, anal, vaginal and clitoral tissue.'” The museum offers you a trip through the ages and a look at some of the most bizarre devices ever conjured up in the name of sex.

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