Couple Charged With Killing And Eating 30 Victims, Taking Selfies With Half-Eaten Bodies

Couple eats victims

Russian police have arrested a husband and wife who allegedly murdered at least 30 people and ate their body parts. In a gruesome report that reads like a script from a horror movie, Dmitry Bakshaev and his wife, Natasha, reportedly kept pictures of the dismembered bodies on one of their cell phones.

According to CNN, the couple, both 35, allegedly started murdering people in 1999, and so far, only seven of the 30 victims have been identified. Because the bodies were dismembered and partially consumed, the task of identifying the people who were murdered is extremely difficult.

CNN cites a report from RIA Novosti, a Russian news agency, where sources revealed that one victim’s hand was found inside a glass jar. To make the discovery even more shocking, the hand was reportedly spotted in a selfie found on the couple’s cell phone.

“Law enforcement had discovered a glass jar with a canned hand. According to the owner of a cell phone that had been lost before, this is one of those hands with which he made a selfie.”

The Mirror reports that in addition to body parts, police also found a video that gives “lessons for cannibals” in their home.

Considering some of the murders date back to 1999, with some more recent, there are many questions as to why it took so long to make an arrest in the case. CNN’s report indicates that police uncovered the crimes when a cell phone was found on a street in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The photos stored on the cell phone contained images of at least one of the dismembered victims who was found nearby inside a bag.

Couple eats victims

Although the couple hasn’t fessed up to murdering and consuming all 30 victims, Dmitry Bakshaev has reportedly admitted to murdering two of them. He initially denied any wrong-doing and told police that he found the remains, took photos with them, and subsequently lost his phone. When police pressed him for more information, he reportedly confessed to killing two people: one female and another victim in 2012.

At this time, Russian authorities have not released the names of the husband and wife who were charged with the crimes. CNN notes that the names of seven of the 30 people who were found murdered and dismembered have not been released to the public.

[Featured Image by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images]