The UFL cannot catch a break

The UFL will make its debut this week in the New York Market with a game at Giants Stadium. Giants Stadium seats 80,000 fans for Football and the UFL was hoping to put a large number of fans in those seats for their first game in the biggest market in this country. It is really too bad for this new football league that they will be competing with Game Two of the World Series to be held at Yankee Stadium just a few miles away. The obvious reaction to that is we should be expecting record low ticket sales for the UFL.

Record low sales for this league is not what league executives want to hear, because the real story here is the UFL is not doing so well on the TV side, and will again lose in a head to head match up with the World Series. The lesson here seems to be that there is no room for another football league in the fall. If the UFL wants to make it to season two, they should begin planning a spring or summer schedule for 2010.

This league can ill afford another poor showing at the gate in a major market. The first game held in California at San Francisco's AT&T Park drew just 6,341 fans. Now imagine what six thousand fans would look like in 80,000 seat Giants Stadium? If the answer is a failing football league, than this league has no future.