Trump’s Approval Rating Very Low Despite Going Up, But How Close Is He To Impeachment?

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After a very rough weekend in professional sports, the world is waking up to see that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is very low despite going up a little bit. While there are some reports out there that Trump’s rating is the lowest of any president at this point in their first term, some are doubting that very seriously. It may not be the lowest ever at this moment, but it does have some who are still hoping to rid the office of Trump. At present, what are the odds of impeachment?

When Monday morning rolled around, the new polls trickled out, and it was reported by Polling Report that Trump’s approval rating had actually increased. Not only did it go up, but it hit 40 percent for the first time since early July, and a lot of people are looking at that as a very good trend.

As things currently stand, Trump’s approval rating is up to 40 percent, while those who disapprove of him is down to 54 percent. These numbers do show that his rating has gone up over the last few days, but there is a bit of controversy as to what is actually correct.

A report from ABC News reports that Trump’s approval rating is currently at 39 percent, but they’re also stating he isn’t the only one with low numbers. Congressional Democrats are also dealing with unpopularity as they only have a 35 percent approval rating and Congressional Republicans have a mere 22 percent.

These low numbers have led to many people wondering if it would be possible to impeach the president and get him out of office. A new billboard has even popped up on the San Francisco Bay Bridge to show that people are willing to spend money to get their message out there.

Impeachment has long been a topic of conversation ever since he first took office, but is there a chance of it happening? According to the Telegraph, impeachment is still highly unlikely due to the fact that it would need a majority vote in the House of Representatives and a two-thirds majority vote from the Senate.

With Republicans running both governing bodies, it would take a lot of dissension to bring about an impeachment. The betting odds from Ladbrokes have Trump at a 55.6 percent chance to finish out a full first term and a 50 percent chance of impeachment or resignation before 2020 arrives.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating may not be at an all-time low, but there does appear to be some confusion as to what it actually is. While his supporters want him to have every single point possible, his doubters want the world to see that he shouldn’t be in the seat that he currently is in. No matter what, impeachment is not necessarily an option right now, and the latest odds show that it might not happen at all.

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