Is Joseph Duggar Controlling Kendra Caldwell? ‘Counting On’ Stars Wed Just Weeks Ago

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married on September 8, but many fans are wondering if it is possible for Caldwell to be happy in the marriage. The 18-year-old has joined a family known for strict patriarchal views, and outsiders have a tough time grasping the concept that any woman could or would be happy with that arrangement.

Duggar, whose parents are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the former stars of 19 Kids and Counting, had an extremely conservative upbringing with ties to the Quiverfull religion. The family has denied they are part of the sect, but they do share many of the values the religion promotes.

Some of those values include a man being in control of his marriage and a woman being subservient, her biggest purpose being that of a breeder. That is a difficult thing for people to understand, and for many, they wonder if Caldwell knows just what she is getting herself into.

In a clip from the 19 Kids spin-off Counting On, Duggar and Caldwell played a game of “this or that,” where you are given two options like “cake” or “pie,” and each person answers which they prefer, so fans could get to know them better. It seems simple, right? However, during the game, fans started noticing that Duggar took control quickly and started telling Caldwell what she liked, instead of letting her answer on her own. For many, this was an example of the male-controlled world in which the Duggars live.

Joseph Duggar, 22, and Kendra Caldwell got engaged back in May and married less than four months later. In Duggar world, engagements happen quickly because of the strict dating rules imposed. Hugging, hand-holding, kissing, and touching aren’t allowed. Plus, when you go on dates, you are not alone; you must bring along a chaperone, who is usually a younger sibling.

With rules like that, no wonder the Duggar kids get married so quickly!

However, once you are married, it is time to start having babies. The Duggars do not believe in birth control; instead, they believe in leaving the size of their family up to God.

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