Princess Diana Heavily Drugged With Medications: Mental Condition Viewed As A ‘Dynastic Disaster’

It has been almost a month since the world commemorated the death anniversary of Princess Diana along with the release of her secret interviews. The BBC footage provided deeper insights on her life in the royal family, her marriage, and her overall condition, including the Princess of Wales’ thoughts on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Now, a new letter suggests that the royal physicians may have viewed her mental condition as a “dynastic disaster” and heavily drugged Diana with medications.

It’s no secret that Princess Diana went through a ton of problems and issues after marrying Prince Charles at a young age. As Princess Diana admitted in the recently released secret tapes, her bulimia was a “symptom of what was going on in [her] marriage” rather than a physical root cause.

As Daily Mail reports, Princess Diana sought help for her condition from the royal physicians but did not receive the kind of help that she needed. Instead, a letter reportedly addressed to one of Prince Charles’ closest mentors revealed that the Queen’s former physician feared that Princess Diana’s mental condition was dangerous and posed a threat to the royal family’s future, especially to Prince William and Harry, which had many royal physicians concerned.

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Not only was Princess Diana suffering from bulimia, but she was also going through anxiety and depression. This reportedly prompted the royal physicians to heavily dose her with antidepressants and sleeping drugs for fear that she would pass on her illness to her children.

Even Prince Charles was said to have been deeply concerned about the welfare of Princess Diana and referred her to his mentor, Sir Laurens Van der Post. The Princess of Wales had also sought help from psychotherapist Dr. McGlashan, who interpreted Princess Diana’s dreams of sea monsters for her and reported that her condition was “emotional not pathological.”

“I was crying out for help, but giving the wrong signals and people were using my bulimia as a coat on a hanger. They decided that was the problem: ‘Diana was unstable.'”

Indeed, Princess Diana’s statements during the secret interviews unveiled her insecurities and pain over her troubled marriage to Prince Charles and her paranoia over his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. As Yahoo! TV notes, Princess Diana was aware of Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair all along.

Princess Diana explained that when she expressed her sentiments to Queen Elizabeth, she was offered no advice and was told that “Charles is hopeless.” She also heard her father-in-law tell Prince Charles that he can get back together with Camilla if his marriage to Princess Diana does not work out.

Do you think there was enough reason for Princess Diana to be heavily drugged with antidepressants and sleeping medications?

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