Jeremy Corbyn Refuses To Talk Brexit During Latest Labour Party Conference

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is on the hot seat yet again with his fellow party members, after he borderline refused to discuss Brexit during the latest conference, held on Saturday night. The 68-year-old spoke very briefly on the matter, only offering one opinion, after which time he quickly changed the subject and insisted it stayed that way.

According to The Sun, the single issue that Jeremy Corbyn addressed was related to whether Britain would remain in the European Union’s single market, and the ramifications this would have on his ability to nationalise British industry. He then turned to what he feels is the major problem of “corporate crooks,” which the Chippenham native promises to bring to justice during his term as leader.

Speaking to the BBC, Jeremy Corbyn detailed his problems with staying in the single market. Leaving it, he believes, would diminish state intervention greatly and also allow for railways to be kept private, thus helping the Labour Party leader achieve his goal of industry nationalisation. Being part of the EU single market at the current time, he continues, is resulting in restrictions regarding state spending and state aid, and as such the “terms of any trade relationship” should be examined very carefully before a potential deal is made.

There were a total of eight topics chosen by a committee for discussion at the Brighton conference, and the fact that Brexit did not make the cut has resulted in even Labour MPs labelling the party a “laughing stock.” There was hope that, during the event, a vote to commit the party to remain in the single market would be forced through. Jeremy Corbyn’s unwillingness to waiver on the matter, however, has not only disappointed his fellow members but also increased the already-present animosity towards the politician.

Since his re-election to office in September of 2016, exactly one year ago today, Jeremy Corbyn has caused quite the confusion among the British public in regards to just what his true stance on Brexit actually is. As reported by The Telegraph, the father of three had originally demanded more transparency when it came to Theresa May’s plans for Britain exiting the EU, but by the time his first speech for the national election came around, he did not seem eager to discuss the matter at all.

Jeremy Corbyn was previously all for a second referendum, given that he did not feel the public fully understood what they were voting on back in June of 2016, but come April 2017 he fully dismissed such an idea. This flip-flopping has created some very serious concern among his constituents, who wish for the Labour Party leader to fully come clean on how he actually feels about Brexit, and what leaving the European Union will truly mean for Britain.

[Featured Image by Grant Pollard/AP Images]