Could the Chiefs release Larry Johnson?

Many NFL fans expected Chad Ochocinco to be the first player to get in trouble with his Twitter account. However Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Larry Johnson has become the first player to be told to stay away from his team, after using a gay slur, and talking down his Coach Todd Haley on his Twitter account. Now the NFL is looking into possible discipline actions against the player, and the Chiefs may look to cut him as soon as this week.

Of course the team may cut him, but his recent troubles on Twitter would not be the sole reason. Johnson is in the third year of a six year 45 million dollar contract. It is the largest contract in Kansas City Chiefs history, and it makes Johnson one of the highest paid NFL RB’s. In return for that contract Johnson is averaging just 51 yards per game, and the Chiefs have just one win on the year.

Of course this latest Twitter trouble is just another entry in a criminal career for Johnson. He has been arrested several times on charges of violence towards women, with one incident involved him waving a gun at an ex girlfriend. He was also involved in an incident at a Kansas City night club where he allegedly spit a drink in a women’s face.

The simple fact here is the Chiefs have a new GM in Scott Pioli, and he will look to rebuild this team his way. More than likely that means without Larry Johnson and if that is the case, this team might as well cut him now.