WWE Rumors: The Shield To Reunite For ‘Major’ Match At ‘TLC’ Next Month – Who Will They Face?

Five years ago, one of the most dangerous and popular stables in the history of professional wrestling made its debut, and rumor has it that they are due for a return. As No Mercy takes place in Los Angeles, rumors are running wild that WWE is planning on having a reunion of The Shield for a “major” match at TLC. It isn’t quite known who they will be facing off against, but there are a couple of options being thrown around for the “Hounds of Justice.”

It was back in April that the reunion was finally possible again due to Dean Ambrose being moved over to Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up. Now, Ambrose and Seth Rollins have smoothed things over to become the Raw Tag Team Champions, but what about Roman Reigns? He’s been involved in huge feuds like his current program with John Cena.

Would WWE really take him and partner him back up with two other big-time superstars?

According to James McKenna, the senior news producer for Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE is planning on reuniting The Shield to up ticket sales for TLC next month. There have been images passed around this past week which have shown low attendance, but a reunion of The Shield would help matters considerably.

For now, this should only be considered a rumor, but it does seem to be the perfect timing for it to come about.

wwe rumors the shield reunite return tlc

Now, if the reunion does happen for The Shield, the big question is who will they face at TLC? A number of options are being thrown around online, as the fans all believe they know who is going to step into the ring at the pay-per-view.

While the only other three-man stable on Raw at this time is The Miztourage, that doesn’t seem like it is what will be happening.

The Wyatt Family could reunite if WWE decides to bring Luke Harper and Erick Rowan over to Raw since they are being wasted on SmackDown Live. Then again, Finn Balor is on Team Red along with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, which is all that is needed for Balor Club to finally debut.

wwe rumors the shield reunite return tlc

There is very little doubt that The Shield continues to be one of the stables that fans want to see come back together, but will it really happen? Rumors are swirling that it isn’t just going to happen, but it will take place before TLC in less than a month. That would certainly help ticket sales, no matter if their opponents are The Miztourage, The Wyatt Family, Balor Club, or anyone else. Now, it’s just going to take the rumors coming true for WWE fans to get really excited.

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