‘BB19’ Runner-Up Paul Abrahamian Asks Fans To Stop Making GoFundMe Accounts

'BB19' Runner-Up Paul Abrahamian Asks Fans To Stop Making GoFundMe Accounts

Paul Abrahamian came in second place on Big Brother again this year. The returning vet thought he had the game in the bag, but as it turns out, he faced a bitter jury. His worst move was sending Jessica Graf out the door before Cody Nickson. She would have voted for him to win Big Brother 19, and Cody was never going to give Abrahamian a vote. While he still ended up with $50,000 for second place, some fans thought Paul was robbed.

This season of Big Brother has proven that fans can be fanatical. Paul Abrahamian came into the house with a group of fans he gained from Season 18, but Season 19 newbies didn’t all jump on the friendship bandwagon. As players watched Abrahamian play the game, the thought of him finishing in second place once again became a reality. According to a tweet from Paul Abrahamian’s official Twitter account, Paul is asking fans to stop making GoFundMe accounts for him to raise the money for a first-place prize. Several campaigns have popped up all over stating that Abrahamian was robbed and that he deserved the $500,000.

Big Brother fans have been watching as these accounts have circulated across social media since Wednesday night’s finale. Paul Abrahamian clearly had no idea this would be a thing, and he wants his fans to focus on more important things. Some Big Brother fans encouraged him to ask fans to donate to the hurricane campaigns floating around, and also to Puerto Rico where the country is in a state of emergency. While there has been no official reply from Abrahamian, fans are pushing hard.

A lot went on this season that cost Paul Abrahamian the game. While he played a very meticulous way, it wasn’t enough to keep his hands clean. The jurors were gunning for Abrahamian, and Jason Dent called the fact that Paul would meet a bitter jury. Had he made a better decision early on and sent Cody Nickson packing before his girlfriend, things could have turned out differently. He has apologized for how his words may have offended viewers and attempted to clarify some of the incidents that made headlines. Big Brother isn’t an easy game and despite placing second two seasons in a row, Paul Abrahamian stands by what he did and didn’t do this time around as well.

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