‘Destiny 2’ Presenting New Challenge Modes After Database Update

When Destiny 2 hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bungie made it clear that they were adding some huge updates over the next month, and they have kept gamers busy with challenges, raids, and more. Now, new Challenge Modes are coming, and players discovered them in a recent database update.

According to Gamerant, the new Destiny 2 database update reveals that a number of new Challenge Modes will come, possibly shortly after the Leviathan Prestige Difficulty launches. Along with the new challenges come five new emblems.

Leviathan Prestige Difficulty

The Leviathan Prestige Difficulty in Destiny 2 will let gamers collect some great armor sets which will improve their health, mobility, and more. According to Gamepur, there are three new armor sets that gamers can get when working through the stages.

These armors include the Hunter’s Feltroc Armor Set, Titan’s Nohr Armor Set, and the Warlock’s Sekris Armor Set. The bonuses that are included with the armor sets are received when finishing the Leviathan raids. The pieces of armor can also be transferred between players through the Vault.

However, while getting the added bonuses that come with the armor is cool, it looks like more rewards are coming for gamers who complete this very difficult Leviathan Prestige Difficulty levels in Destiny 2.

'Destiny 2' Presenting New Challenge Modes After Database Update

New Destiny 2 Emblems

The first new Destiny 2 emblem that was discovered with the new database update is the Glory to the Emperor, which is assumed to be awarded to the completion of the Leviathan Prestige Difficulty raid.

The other special emblems are awarded to players who complete each of the four main sequences in Destiny 2. These include the Royal Pools Challenge (Splish Splash emblem), Pleasure Gardens Challenge (Good Dog emblem), Gauntlet Challenge (Two Enter, One Leaves emblem) and the Calus Challenge (Take the Throne emblem).

While the only rewards that the recent Destiny 2 update links mentions are the emblems, there is a good chance that gamers can also win a lot of loot for completing the sequences as well. In the past, players who complete challenges won gear at the level cap.

There is no word on what the actual challenges and tasks will include as of this writing. The Destiny 2 challenges will start in October or November. At this time, Destiny 2 is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the PC version comes out on Oct. 24.

[Featured Image by Bungie]