Murdered Model Was Scalped, Bitten, Her Face Was Torn And Blood Drained Reveals Autopsy

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Iana Kasian, 30, was found dead with her 2-month-old baby lying beside her in her West Hollywood apartment last year, but the autopsy report was just released detailing just how gruesome this murder really was. It was back in May 2016 that Kasian’s body was discovered and the son of a Canadian tycoon was arrested for this murder. Blake Leibel, 36, is facing charges of murder for this gruesome killing. He was the boyfriend of this model at the time of her death.

The grisly details revealed in the autopsy were made public this week and they indicate a very gruesome murder in this case. Kasian was found scalped and she was drained of blood. The pretty model had pieces of her face torn off and the medical examiner found what looked like human bite marks that caused an injury to Kasian’s jaw.

Leibel, who will stand trial for this crime, is a writer and a director. According to Fox News, Leibel had created a “graphic novel” with a plot that follows the escapades of a mad doctor who is attempting to find and isolate the “root of evil.” The mad doctor in this novel wanted to cure this root of evil that lived inside a serial killer. In the novel there is a scene where the mad doctor hangs a couple upside down to drain all the blood from their bodies, reports Fox News.

According to the New York Daily News, Leibel, who is a “wealthy graphic novelist,” is charged with “several counts of murder, mayhem, and torture in the death of his model girlfriend. The autopsy also revealed that she had suffered a “blunt force trauma to her head.” According to the report, “significant portions of her skull were exposed” and this was done by either cutting or ripping away her scalp.

The draining of the blood from her body did “mirror” Leibel’s novel called Syndrome suggests the Daily News. His book describes a serial killer in flashbacks slitting the throat of a couple then hanging them to drain their blood. It is because of the gruesome nature of this case, Leibel could face the death penalty in California.

Leibel was out on bail for an alleged rape that occurred a week before Kasian was murdered. She was not the victim of rape, but she did move out of their home. According to the National Post, Kasian returned to the home to talk with Leibel. It was Kasian’s mother who called the police when she didn’t come home and she was reported missing. Police found Leibel barricaded inside the apartment and ultimately found Kasian.

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