Google Music Search Launches Complete with Georetardation

Google has today launched Google Music Search, but if you want to try it out you’d better know the words to Star Spangled banner, because you can only use it from within the United States.

The new Google Music Search delivers music results to the standard Google search results, complete with the ability to play songs on demand. Interestingly given Rupert Murdoch is threatening to sue Google for copyright infringement, the music for Google Music Search comes from number of partners, the primary partner being the News Corp owned MySpace.

At this point I’d usually give a review on what the results are like, but I’m too lazy to use a proxy to try it out. Google, a company that owes much of its success to embracing the globe as its market place, has once again repeated a pattern typical of the companies of old: georetardation. Dare I say that Google is the new Hulu when it comes to stupid georetardation at that, because like Hulu, Google is actually blocking results that are freely available online direct from the source to begin with, in this case MySpace Australia.

Shame Google, shame.